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Chartered Accountant meaning in Urdu

Chartered Accountant Definitions

1) Chartered Accountant : سند یافتہ محاسب : (noun) a British or Canadian accountant who is a member of a professional body that has a royal charter.


Useful Words

Accountantship : منشی , Audit : محاسبہ , Auditor : محاسب , Federal Savings Bank : وفاقی بچت بینک , National Bank : حکومتی بینک , State Bank : مملکتی بینک , Livery Company : لندن کے اداروں میں سے ایک , House Of Windsor : برطانوی شاہی خاندان , Aircraftman : فضائیہ کا افسر , Composite School : ہر طرح کے بچوں کا اسکول , Regius Professor : شاہی معلم , Barrister : قانون دان , Princess : رانی , Paraprofessional : معاون پیشہ , Prince : راج دلارا , Professionalise : پیشہ ور بنانا , Baronet : چھوٹا نواب , Glenda Jackson : انگریزی فلمی اداکار , Palpation : جسمانی جانچ کا عمل , Alderman : ضلع کی کونسل کا رکن , Sonologist : الٹراساونڈ کرنے کا ماہر , Apanage : کم عمر شہزادوں کا وظیفہ , Privy Council : ذاتی مشیروں کی منتخب جماعت , Astor : برطانوی سیاست دان , Fiddle : چوتارا , British Commonwealth : برطانوی دولت مشترکہ , Michael Ondaatje : کینیڈا کا مصنف , Like Kings : شاہانہ طور سے , Acadia : کینیڈا کا قصبہ , Europe : براعظم یورپ , Royal Family : شاہی خاندان کے افراد

Useful Words Definitions

Accountantship: the position of accountant.

Audit: an inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA.

Auditor: a qualified accountant who inspects the accounting records and practices of a business or other organization.

Federal Savings Bank: a federally chartered savings bank.

National Bank: a commercial bank chartered by the federal government.

State Bank: a bank chartered by a state rather than by the federal government.

Livery Company: one of the chartered companies of London originating with the craft guilds.

House Of Windsor: the British royal family since 1917.

Aircraftman: a noncommissioned officer in the British Royal Air Force.

Composite School: a large British or Canadian secondary school for children of all abilities.

Regius Professor: holder of a British professorship created by a royal patron.

Barrister: a British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution.

Princess: a female member of a royal family other than the queen (especially the daughter of a sovereign).

Paraprofessional: a trained worker who is not a member of a profession but who assists a professional.

Prince: a male member of a royal family other than the sovereign (especially the son of a sovereign).

Professionalise: become professional or proceed in a professional manner or in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood.

Baronet: a member of the British order of honor; ranks below a baron but above a knight.

Glenda Jackson: English film actress who later became a member of British Parliament (born in 1936).

Palpation: a method of examination in which the examiner feels the size or shape or firmness or location of something (of body parts when the examiner is a health professional).

Alderman: a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council).

Sonologist: A sonologist is a medical professional who specializes in the field of sonography or medical ultrasound. Sonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses sound waves to create images of internal organs, tissues, and structures within the body..

Apanage: a grant (by a sovereign or a legislative body) of resources to maintain a dependent member of a ruling family.

Privy Council: The Privy Council (especially to the British Crown) is a formal advisory body to a monarch or head of state, often composed of senior government officials or advisors, offering counsel on important matters of governance and policy.

Astor: British politician (born in the United States) who was the first woman to sit in the British House of Commons (1879-1964).

Fiddle: bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow.

British Commonwealth: an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown.

Michael Ondaatje: Canadian writer (born in Sri Lanka in 1943).

Like Kings: in a royal manner.

Acadia: the French-speaking part of the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

Europe: the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe` to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles.

Royal Family: royal persons collectively.

Related Words

Accountant : محاسب

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