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Cheapen meaning in Urdu

Cheapen Synonym

Cheapen Definitions

1) Cheapen, Degrade : گھٹانا, درجہ کم کرنا : (verb) lower the grade of something; reduce its worth.


Useful Words

Caliber : معیار , Degrade : رسوا کرنا , Home Room : جماعت , Reduce : چھوٹا کر دینا , Choice : عمدہ , Bomb : فعل ہو جانا , Acclivity : چڑھائی , Reduce : حقیر کرنا , Negligible : معمولی سا , Bastardly : کمینہ , Inutile : ناکارہ , Valuable : قیمتی , Memorable : یاد رکھنے کے قابل یادگار , Nickel : پانچ ڈالر مالیت کی منشیات , Inconsequent : معمولی اور غیر اہم , Belittled : حقیر , Depreciator : قدروقیمت کم کرنے والا , Rich : عمدہ , Precious : قیمتی , Appraisal : اندازہ , Redeem : حیثیت بحال کرنا , Commodore : بحریہ کا افسر , Evaluator : قدرپیمائی کرنے والا , Forte : کسی شخص کی خاص صلاحیت , Self-Assured : خود اعتماد , Pride : غرور , Worthy : قابل قدر , Memorabilia : یادگاریں , Cent : پاونڈ کا سواں حصہ , Appraiser : تخمینہ لگانے والا , Approximation : تخمینہ

Useful Words Definitions

Caliber: a degree or grade of excellence or worth.

Degrade: reduce in worth or character, usually verbally.

Home Room: a classroom in which all students in a particular grade (or in a division of a grade) meet at certain times under the supervision of a teacher who takes attendance and does other administrative business.

Reduce: reduce in size; reduce physically.

Choice: of superior grade.

Bomb: fail to get a passing grade.

Acclivity: an upward slope or grade (as in a road).

Reduce: lower in grade or rank or force somebody into an undignified situation.

Negligible: not worth considering.

Bastardly: of no value or worth.

Inutile: not worth using.

Valuable: having worth or merit or value.

Memorable: worth remembering.

Nickel: five dollars worth of a drug.

Inconsequent: lacking worth or importance.

Belittled: made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth).

Depreciator: one who disparages or belittles the worth of something.

Rich: of great worth or quality.

Precious: of high worth or cost.

Appraisal: the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth.

Redeem: restore the honor or worth of.

Commodore: a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a captain and below a rear admiral; the lowest grade of admiral.

Evaluator: an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality.

Forte: an asset of special worth or utility.

Self-Assured: showing poise and confidence in your own worth.

Pride: a feeling of self-respect and personal worth.

Worthy: having worth or merit or value; being honorable or admirable.

Memorabilia: a record of things worth remembering.

Cent: a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit.

Appraiser: someone who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things.

Approximation: an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth.

Related Words

Aggravate : بگاڑنا , Devaluate : قدر کم کرنا

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