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1 of 2) Cheese : پنیر : (noun) a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk.

2 of 2) Cheese, Cheeseflower, High Mallow, Malva Sylvestris, Tall Mallow : جامنی پھولوں والا پودا : (noun) erect or decumbent Old World perennial with axillary clusters of rosy-purple flowers; introduced in United States.

Useful Words

Mornay Sauce : ایک چٹنی , Curd : گاڑھا دودھ , Cream Cheese : ملائی دار پنیر , Cottage Cheese : دیسی پنیر , Comfort Food : اچھا کھانا , Canape : ٹوسٹ , Curd : کھویا , Caseate : پنیر بننا , Cheesy : پنیر سے بھرا , Stilton : انگلش پنیر , Rarebit : برطانوی علاقے کا خرگوش , Cannelloni : سموسہ یا پیٹیس , Italian Rice : شوربے میں پکائے گئے چاول , Cuisine : کھانا پکانے کا طریقہ , Omelet : پکا ہوا انڈا , Grater : کدوکش , Creamery : مکھن اور پنیر بنانے کا کارخانہ , Limburger : بادامی رنگ کا ذائقے والا پنیر , Soup : شوربہ , Danish : ہلکی پیسٹری , American Cheese : چیڈر پنیر , Pizza : پیزہ , Resin : گوند , Cat Food : بلی کا کھانا , Dish : خاص کھانا , Short Order : فوراً تیار ہوجانے والا کھانا , Bomber : بڑا سینڈوچ , Eat : کھانا , Stew : آب گوشت , Corn : مکئی , Yoghourt : دہی

Useful Words Definitions

Mornay Sauce: onion-flavored creamy cheese sauce with egg yolk and grated cheese.

Curd: coagulated milk; used to make cheese.

Cream Cheese: soft unripened cheese made of sweet milk and cream.

Cottage Cheese: mild white cheese made from curds of soured skim milk.

Comfort Food: food that is simply prepared and gives a sense of wellbeing; typically food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content that is associated with childhood or with home cooking.

Canape: an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory food.

Curd: a coagulated liquid resembling milk curd.

Caseate: turn into cheese.

Cheesy: Full of cheese.

Stilton: English blue cheese.

Rarebit: cheese melted with ale or beer served over toast.

Cannelloni: tubular pasta filled with meat or cheese.

Italian Rice: rice cooked with broth and sprinkled with grated cheese.

Cuisine: the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared.

Omelet: beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly.

Grater: utensil with sharp perforations for shredding foods (as vegetables or cheese).

Creamery: a workplace where dairy products (butter and cheese etc.) are produced or sold.

Limburger: a soft white cheese with a very strong pungent odor and flavor.

Soup: liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food.

Danish: light sweet yeast-raised roll usually filled with fruits or cheese.

American Cheese: hard smooth-textured cheese; originally made in Cheddar in southwestern England.

Pizza: Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e.g. tomato sauce and cheese.

Resin: any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules.

Cat Food: food prepared for cats.

Dish: a particular item of prepared food.

Short Order: an order for food that can be prepared quickly.

Bomber: a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States.

Eat: take in solid food.

Stew: food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables.

Corn: ears of corn that can be prepared and served for human food.

Yoghourt: a custard-like food made from curdled milk.

Related Words

Food : کھانا , Mallow : جنگلی پودا

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