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Cherry-Red meaning in Urdu

Cherry-Red Synonyms


Cherry-Red Definitions

1) Cherry-Red, Blood-Red, Carmine, Cerise, Cherry, Crimson, Red, Reddish, Ruby, Ruby-Red, Ruddy, Scarlet : سرخی مائل : (satellite adjective) of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies.

Useful Words

Xanthous : زرد رنگ کا , Red : سرخ , Dark-Green : سبزی مائل , Tawny : سانولا , Yellow : پیلا , Blue : آسمانی رنگ , Green : ہرا , Blue : نیلا پن , Dun : سرمائی بادامی رنگ , Haemoglobin : آکسیجن کو خون میں ملانے والا ایک مادہ , Shade : رنگ کا شیڈ , Orange Red : سرخ رنگ , Tannish : کتھنی رنگ کا , Milklike : دودھ کی طرح , Ablaze : دھکتا ہوا , Colored : رنگین , Brazen : پیتل کا , Common Bird Cherry : ایک یورپی چیری کا درخت , Anaemia : خون کی کمی , Color : رنگ بھرنا , Self-Colored : خود رنگ , Achromic : بے رنگ , Dye : رنگنا , Brown : تلنا , Hepatitis C : کالا یرقان درجہ سوم , Color : رنگ , Bleach : رنگ کاٹنا , Dark-Colored : گہرے رنگ والا , Tinct : پر لطف , Bronze : کانسی کے رنگ کا , Brightly-Colored : اجلے رنگ کا

Useful Words Definitions

Xanthous: of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk.

Red: red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood.

Dark-Green: of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum; similar to the color of fresh grass.

Tawny: of a light brown to brownish orange color; the color of tanned leather.

Yellow: yellow color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of sunflowers or ripe lemons.

Blue: blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime.

Green: green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass.

Blue: of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky.

Dun: a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color.

Haemoglobin: a hemoprotein composed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their characteristic color; function primarily to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues.

Shade: a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color.

Orange Red: a variable color that is vivid red but sometimes with an orange tinge.

Tannish: of a color resembling tan.

Milklike: resembling milk in color not clear.

Ablaze: resembling flame in brilliance or color.

Colored: having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination.

Brazen: made of or resembling brass (as in color or hardness).

Common Bird Cherry: small European cherry tree closely resembling the American chokecherry.

Anaemia: Anemia is a medical condition characterized by a decrease in the number of red blood cells or a low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the body`s tissues. When the level of hemoglobin or red blood cells falls below the normal range, it can lead to a reduced ability of the blood to carry oxygen effectively.

Color: add color to.

Self-Colored: of the same color throughout.

Achromic: having no color.

Dye: color with dye.

Brown: fry in a pan until it changes color.

Hepatitis C: a viral hepatitis clinically indistinguishable from hepatitis B but caused by a single-stranded RNA virus; usually transmitted by parenteral means (as injection of an illicit drug or blood transfusion or exposure to blood or blood products).

Color: any material used for its color.

Bleach: remove color from.

Dark-Colored: having a dark color.

Tinct: color lightly.

Bronze: of the color of bronze.

Brightly-Colored: having a bright color.

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