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Saturation meaning in Urdu

Saturation Sentence

The saturation of cotton with ether.

Saturation Synonym

Saturation Definitions

1 of 2) Saturation, Impregnation : کسی چیز کو مادہ کے ساتھ لبریز کرنے کا طریقہ کار : (noun) the process of totally saturating something with a substance.


2 of 2) Saturation : بھگونے لا عمل : (noun) the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid.

Useful Words

Brown : خاکی رنگ , Dull : گھٹا رنگ , Carbonation : کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ بھرنے کا عمل , Permeation : نفوذ پذیری , Secernment : افراز , Antifertility : مانع حمل , Burning : آگ پکڑنے کی حالت , Absorption : انجزاب , Impossible : سمجھ سے باہر , Cringing : ادنی , Absolutely : قطعاً , Imbue : بھگونا , Exterminable : ٹوٹے جانے کے قابل , Deaf As A Post : بالکل بہرا , Surprise : حیرت انگیز بات , Clueless : بے سراغ , Culvert : زمین دوز نالی , Addict : نشے کا عادی , Saturation Point : وہ نقطہ جس کے بعد مزید ملاپ ناممکن ہو , Reducer : کم کرنے والا , Accouchement : بچہ جننا , Tumefaction : سوجن , Recall : یاد آنا , Adulterant : ملاوٹ , Submersible Pump : پانی میں ڈوبے رہنے والا پمپ , Breathing : تنفس , Massive : خالص , Discharge : خارج کرنا , Superficial : معمولی , Compose : ترتیب دینا , Propellant : دھکیلنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Brown: an orange of low brightness and saturation.

Dull: (of color) very low in saturation; highly diluted.

Carbonation: saturation with carbon dioxide (as soda water).

Permeation: the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance.

Secernment: the organic process of synthesizing and releasing some substance.

Antifertility: capable of preventing conception or impregnation.

Burning: a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light.

Absorption: (chemistry) a process in which one substance permeates another; a fluid permeates or is dissolved by a liquid or solid.

Impossible: totally unlikely.

Cringing: totally submissive.

Absolutely: totally and definitely; without question.

Imbue: fill, soak, or imbue totally.

Exterminable: capable of being totally destroyed or wiped out.

Deaf As A Post: totally deaf; unable to hear anything.

Surprise: the astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you.

Clueless: totally uninformed about what is going on; not having even a clue from which to infer what is occurring.

Culvert: a transverse and totally enclosed drain under a road or railway.

Addict: someone who is physiologically dependent on a substance; abrupt deprivation of the substance produces withdrawal symptoms.

Saturation Point: (chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor.

Reducer: a substance capable of bringing about the reduction of another substance as it itself is oxidized; used in photography to lessen the density of a negative or print by oxidizing some of the loose silver.

Accouchement: the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child.

Tumefaction: the process of tumefying; the organic process whereby tissue becomes swollen by the accumulation of fluid within it.

Recall: the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort).

Adulterant: any substance that lessens the purity or effectiveness of a substance.

Submersible Pump: an electrical water pump that is totally submerged into the water.

Breathing: the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation; the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation.

Massive: being the same substance throughout.

Discharge: eliminate (a substance).

Superficial: of little substance or significance.

Compose: form the substance of.

Propellant: any substance that propels.

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