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Chicken Mince meaning in Urdu

Chicken Mince Sentence

You have to make chicken mince tonight.

Chicken Mince in Detail

1) Chicken Mince : مرغی کا قیمہ : (noun) chopped chicken into small pieces.

Useful Words

Boneless Chicken : ہڈیوں کے بغیر مرغی کا گوشت : chicken meat without bone used for cooking. "She is cooking boneless chicken handi tonight".

Chicken, Poulet, Volaille : مرغی کا گوشت : the flesh of a chicken used for food. "The chicken is not done".

Chicken Boti : چکن بوٹی : chicken dish that is served with roti or naan very famed in Pakistan . "They ordered chicken boti at hotel".

Chicken Broth, Chicken Stock : مرغی کا شوربا : a stock made with chicken. "Hot chicken broth".

Chicken Coop, Coop, Hencoop, Henhouse : مرغی خانہ : a farm building for housing poultry. "We put approximate ten thousand chickens in one Hencoop".

Chicken Hawk, Hen Hawk : باز : nontechnical term for any hawks said to prey on poultry. "He owns many kinds of hen hawks".

Back Down, Back Off, Bow Out, Chicken Out, Pull Out : پیچھے ہٹنا : remove oneself from an obligation. "He bowed out when he heard how much work was involved".

Chicken Run, Chicken Yard, Fowl Run, Hen Yard : مرغی پالنے کی جگہ : an enclosed yard for keeping poultry. "My wife has made a hen yard in the backyard of my house".

Chicken Tikka : چکن تکہ : Bbq chicken which cooked over coal. "Order a Chicken Tikka".

Grilled Chicken : انگیٹھی پر بھونی مرغی : fish cooked on a chicken. "Find out the grilled chicken recipes".

Mince, Moderate, Soften : کم کرنا : make less severe or harsh. "He moderated his tone when the students burst out in tears".

Mince Pie : قیمے دار پائی : pie containing mincemeat.

Spring Chicken, Young Person, Younker, Youth : نوجوان : a young person (especially a young man or boy). "He was known as spring chicken".

Papule : دانا : a small inflamed elevation of skin that is nonsuppurative (as in chicken pox).

Biddy, Hen : مرغی : female chicken. "This is the hen that doesn`t lay eggs".

Capon : خصی مرغا : castrated male chicken.

Kfc : کینٹکی فرائڈ چیکن : Kentucky fried chicken. "KFC take away".

Cock, Rooster : مرغا : adult male chicken. "Be a rooster".

Heath Hen, Tympanuchus Cupido Cupido : ناپید مرغی : extinct prairie chicken. "Heath hens lived in the scrubby heathland barrens of coastal North America".

Capon : خصی مرغے کا گوشت : flesh of a castrated male chicken.

Cock-A-Leekie, Cocky-Leeky : مرغ یخنی : soup made from chicken boiled with leeks.

Moo Goo Gai Pan : مرغی کی ڈیش جو سبزی اور چربی ڈال کر پکائی جاتی ہے : a Cantonese dish of chicken and sauteed vegetables.

Consomme : شوربا : clear soup usually of beef or veal or chicken. "He made consomme".

Frier, Fryer, Pullet : تلنے کے لیے بہترین چوزہ : flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying.

Paella : مرغی اور مچھلی کا پلاو : saffron-flavored dish made of rice with shellfish and chicken.

Fast Food : تیار شدہ فوری کھانا : inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly. "Fast food is not good for health".

Mulligatawny : ایک قسم کا انڈین شوربہ یا سوپ : a soup of eastern India that is flavored with curry; prepared with a meat or chicken base.

Jambalaya : پلاو کی طرح کی ایک ڈش : spicy Creole dish of rice and ham, sausage, chicken, or shellfish with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and celery.

Cake, Patty : سموسہ : small flat mass of chopped food.

Wear Away, Whittle Away, Whittle Down : چھوٹے ٹکڑوں میں کاٹنا : cut away in small pieces.

Nibble : چھوٹا حصہ کاٹنا یا کترنا : bite off very small pieces. "She nibbled on her cracker".

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