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Qeema : قیمہ

1. Mince : قیمہ : (noun) food chopped into small bits.

2. Ground Beef, Hamburger : قیمہ : (noun) beef that has been ground.

3. Mincemeat : قیمہ - بھرتا : (noun) spiced mixture of chopped raisins and apples and other ingredients with or without meat.

Maweshi : Beef : cattle that are reared for their meat.

Pas Manzar : Ground : the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground. "He posed her against a background of rolling hills"

Boti : Bit : a small fragment. "Bread or bit"

Aitraz : Beef : informal terms for objecting. "I have a gripe about your comment"

Qisim : Bit : an instance of some kind. "It was a nice piece of work"

Ghiza, Khana, Khurak : Food : any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment. "What`s for food ?"

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