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Chinese Parsley meaning in Urdu

Chinese Parsley Synonyms

Chinese Parsley Definitions

1) Chinese Parsley, Cilantro, Coriander : دھنیا : (noun) parsley-like herb used as seasoning or garnish.


Useful Words

Aethusa : زہریلی جھاڑی , Dress : سجانا , Garnish : کھانے کی ڈش وغیرہ سجانا , Apiaceae : گاجر کی قسم , Aethusa Cynapium : دھنیا جیسی چرس , Ginseng : خوشبو دار جڑ والی چینی جری بوٹی , Common Garden Cress : رشاد مزروع , Parsley : دھنیا , Kung Fu : کونگ فو , Hyson : ایک قسم کی سبز چینی چائے , Joss : چین کا بت , Duck Sauce : چینی چٹنی , Oolong : ایک قسم کی چائے , Apricot Sauce : خوبانی کی چٹنی , Sinology : چین کی زبان ثقافت کا مطالعہ , Li : ناپنے کا ایک چینی پیمانہ , Wok : کڑاہی , Mah-Jongg : چین کا ایک کیھل جسے چار آدمی کیھلتے ہیں کے ساتھ , Amoy : چینی زبان کی قسم , Holothuria Edulis : سمندری جونک , Joss Stick : چینی اگر بتی , Changan : چین کا شہر , Chinoiserie : چینی آرٹ , Banksia Rose : چین میں پایا جانے پھول , Fan Tan : ایک چینی تاش کا ایک کھیل , Communism Peak : کوہ اسماعیل سامانی , Peke : چینی کتا , Confederate Rose : رنگ بدلنے والے پھول , Cupping : جسم سے گندا خون نکالنے کا ایک طریقہ علاج , Anethum Graveolens : سویا , Cassia : خوشبو دار چھال والا چینی درخت

Useful Words Definitions

Aethusa: fool`s parsley.

Dress: decorate (food), as with parsley or other ornamental foods.

Garnish: something (such as parsley) added to a dish for flavor or decoration.

Apiaceae: plants having flowers in umbels: parsley; carrot; anise; caraway; celery; dill.

Aethusa Cynapium: European weed naturalized in America that resembles parsley but causes nausea and poisoning when eaten.

Ginseng: Chinese herb with palmately compound leaves and small greenish flowers and forked aromatic roots believed to have medicinal powers.

Common Garden Cress: annual herb used as salad green and garnish.

Parsley: aromatic herb with flat or crinkly leaves that are cut finely and used to garnish food.

Kung Fu: a Chinese martial art.

Hyson: a Chinese green tea with twisted leaves.

Joss: a Chinese god worshipped in the form of an idol.

Duck Sauce: a thick sweet and pungent Chinese condiment.

Oolong: Chinese tea leaves that have been partially fermented before being dried.

Apricot Sauce: for Chinese dishes: apricot preserves and chutney.

Sinology: the study of Chinese history and language and culture.

Li: Chinese distance measure; approximately 0.5 kilometers.

Wok: pan with a convex bottom; used for frying in Chinese cooking.

Mah-Jongg: Chinese game played by 4 people with 144 tiles.

Amoy: any of the forms of Chinese language spoken in Fukien province.

Holothuria Edulis: of warm coasts from Australia to Asia; used as food especially by Chinese.

Joss Stick: a slender stick of incense burned before a joss by the Chinese.

Changan: a city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC.

Chinoiserie: a style in art reflecting Chinese influence; elaborately decorated and intricately patterned.

Banksia Rose: Chinese evergreen climbing rose with yellow or white single flowers.

Fan Tan: a Chinese gambling game; a random number of counters are placed under a bowl and you gamble on how many will be left (0, 1, 2, or 3 modulo 4).

Communism Peak: the highest mountain peak in the Pamir Mountains; near the Chinese border in northeastern Tajikistan (24,590 feet high).

Peke: a Chinese breed of small short-legged dogs with a long silky coat and broad flat muzzle.

Confederate Rose: Chinese shrub or small tree having white or pink flowers becoming deep red at night; widely cultivated; naturalized in southeastern United States.

Cupping: Cupping is a therapeutic technique that involves creating suction on the skin using special cups. It is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in other cultures..

Anethum Graveolens: aromatic Old World herb having aromatic threadlike foliage and seeds used as seasoning.

Cassia: Chinese tree with aromatic bark; yields a less desirable cinnamon than Ceylon cinnamon.

Related Words

Herb : خوشبودار بوٹی

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