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Chip meaning in Urdu

Chip Sentences

Her tooth chipped.
Chip the glass.

Chip Synonyms

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Chip in Detail

1 of 5) Chip, Bit, Flake, Fleck, Scrap : ٹکڑا : (noun) a small fragment of something broken off from the whole.

Related : Fragment : a piece broken off or cut off of something else. Scurf : a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin. Splinter : a small thin sharp bit or wood or glass or metal.


2 of 5) Chip, Break Away, Break Off, Chip Off, Come Off : ٹوٹنا, ٹوٹ جانا : (verb) break off (a piece from a whole).

Related : Peel Off : come off in flakes or thin small pieces. Separate : come apart.

3 of 5) Chip, Crisp, Potato Chip, Saratoga Chip : آلو کے چپس, خستہ, کرکرا : (noun) a thin crisp slice of potato fried in deep fat.

Related : Snack Food : food for light meals or for eating between meals.

4 of 5) Chip, Break Off, Cut Off, Knap : دانتوں سے توڑنا : (verb) break a small piece off from.

Chip a tooth.

Related : Cut : separate with or as if with an instrument.

5 of 5) Chip, Micro Chip, Microchip, Microprocessor Chip, Silicon Chip : چپ : (noun) electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit.

Related : Information Processing System : a machine for performing calculations automatically. Gene Chip : a microchip that holds DNA probes that form half of the DNA double helix and can recognize DNA from samples being tested. Microcircuit : a microelectronic computer circuit incorporated into a chip or semiconductor; a whole system rather than a single component.

Useful Words

Carve, Chip At : کھرچ کر لکھنا : engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface. "Carve one's name into the bark".

Chip Away, Chip Away At : بتدریج ختم کرنا : remove or withdraw gradually:. "These new customs are chipping away at the quality of life".

Chip In, Contribute, Give, Kick In : چندہ دینا : contribute to some cause. "I gave at the office".

Dna Chip, Gene Chip : ڈی این اے چپ : a microchip that holds DNA probes that form half of the DNA double helix and can recognize DNA from samples being tested.

Spall, Spawl : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا : a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge. "A truck bearing a mound of blue spalls".

Bit, Snatch : بوٹی : a small fragment. "Bread or bit".

Brickbat : اینٹ کا ٹکڑا : a fragment of brick used as a weapon.

Paring, Shaving, Sliver : باریک سی پرت : a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something.

Coal, Ember : انگارہ : a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering. "On embers".

Cinder, Clinker : دھات کا میل : a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire.

Armenia, Hayastan, Republic Of Armenia : آرمینیا : a landlocked republic in southwestern Asia; formerly an Asian soviet; modern Armenia is but a fragment of ancient Armenia which was one of the world`s oldest civilizations; throughout 2500 years the Armenian people have been invaded and oppressed by their neighbors.

Chip in Book Titles

Chip On Board: Technology for Multichip Modules.
On-Chip Instrumentation: Design and Debug for Systems on Chip.
Chip Carving: Techniques and Patterns.

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