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Chip   Meaning in Urdu

Her tooth chipped.
Chip the glass.

1. Chip - Bit - Flake - Fleck - Scrap : ٹکڑا : (noun) a small fragment of something broken off from the whole.

Fragment - a piece broken off or cut off of something else.

2. Chip - Break Away - Break Off - Chip Off - Come Off : ٹوٹنا - ٹوٹ جانا : (verb) break off (a piece from a whole).

Her tooth chipped.

Flake, Flake Off, Peel, Peel Off - come off in flakes or thin small pieces.

3. Chip - Crisp - Potato Chip - Saratoga Chip : آلو کے چپس - خستہ : (noun) a thin crisp slice of potato fried in deep fat.

4. Chip - Break Off - Cut Off - Knap : دانتوں سے توڑنا : (verb) break a small piece off from.

Chip the glass.
Chip a tooth.

Cut - separate with or as if with an instrument.

5. Chip - Micro Chip - Microchip - Microprocessor Chip - Silicon Chip : چپ : (noun) electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit.

Computer, Computing Device, Computing Machine, Data Processor, Electronic Computer, Information Processing System - a machine for performing calculations automatically.

Related Words

Chip Away - Chip Away At : بتدریج ختم کرنا : remove or withdraw gradually:. "These new customs are chipping away at the quality of life"

Carve - Chip At : کھرچ کر لکھنا : engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface. "Carve one's name into the bark"

Chip in Book Titles

Chip On Board: Technology for Multichip Modules.
On-Chip Instrumentation: Design and Debug for Systems on Chip.
Chip Carving: Techniques and Patterns.

Useful Words

Break - Interrupt : ختم کرنا : terminate. "She interrupted her pregnancy"

Broken : ٹوٹی پھوٹی بولی جانے والی زبان : imperfectly spoken or written. "We can also speak broken English"

Break Up - Fragment - Fragmentise - Fragmentize : ٹوٹنا : break or cause to break into pieces. "The plate fragmented"

Off : بند : not in operation or operational. "The oven is off"

Patch - Piece : جوڑنا : to join or unite the pieces of. "Patch the skirt"

Little - Small : صغیر : limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "A little dining room"

Something : کوئی چیز : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

Whole : پورا : all of something including all its component elements or parts. "Europe considered as a whole"

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