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1 of 2) Choose, Pick Out, Select, Take : انتخاب کرنا, چن لینا, منتخب کرنا : (verb) pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives.

Choose a good husband for your daughter.

Related : Sift : distinguish and separate out. Elect : choose.

2 of 2) Choose, Opt, Prefer : انتخاب کرنا, ترجیح دینا : (verb) select as an alternative over another.

I always choose the fish over the meat courses in this restaurant.

Related : Compare : examine and note the similarities or differences of.

Useful Words

Co-Opt : منتخب کرنا : choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague. "The church members co-opted individuals from similar backgrounds to replenish the congregation".

Elective, Elective Course : چناوٴ کے ذریعے منتخب کرنا : a course that the student can select from among alternatives.

Toothpick : خلال : pick consisting of a small strip of wood or plastic; used to pick food from between the teeth.

Dial : فون نمبر ملانا : operate a dial to select a telephone number. "You must take the receiver off the hook before you dial".

Elect : چننا : choose. "I elected to have my funds deposited automatically".

Druthers, Preference : پسندیدگی : the right or chance to choose. "Given my druthers, I'd eat cake".

Abstain, Desist, Refrain : پرہیز کرنا : choose not to consume or avoid. "Abstain from confrontation in public".

Hand-Pick : احتیاط سے منتخب کرنا : pick personally and very carefully. "The director hand-picked his new team".

Leisure : فرصت : freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity. "He lacked the leisure for golf".

Adopt, Espouse, Follow : انتخاب کرنا : choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans. "Don`t adopt it".

Assign, Set Apart, Specify : چننا : select something or someone for a specific purpose. "The teacher assigned him to lead his classmates in the exercise".

Hack : کاٹنے والا : a tool (as a hoe or pick or mattock) used for breaking up the surface of the soil.

Clannishness, Cliquishness, Exclusiveness : گروہ بندی : tendency to associate with only a select group.

Elect : ووٹ کے ذریعے منتخب کرنا : select by a vote for an office or membership. "We elected him chairman of the board".

Mattock : ایک طرح کا کدال نما : a kind of pick that is used for digging; has a flat blade set at right angles to the handle.

Selective : انتخابی : tending to select; characterized by careful choice. "An exceptionally quick and selective reader".

Cull Out, Winnow : چننا : select desirable parts from a group or list. "Cull out the interesting letters from the poet`s correspondence".

Election : انتخابات : a vote to select the winner of a position or political office. "It will come to know in election Hamza".

Preview : نمائش : a screening for a select audience in advance of release for the general public.

11-Plus, Eleven-Plus : گیارہ برس کے طلبہ کا امتحان : (formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school.

Index : اشاریہ : a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number.

Sifter : چھلنی : a household sieve (as for flour).

Reelect, Return : دوبارہ منتخب ہونا : elect again.

Vote In : ووٹنگ طریقہ کار کے ذریعے منتخب کرنا : elect in a voting process. "They voted in Clinton".

Another, Some Other : کسی اور : any of various alternatives; some other. "Another day off".

Better : زیادہ بہتر : the superior one of two alternatives. "Chose the better of the two".

Comparison-Shop : قیمت کا موازنہ کرنا : compare prices for a given item.

Collate : موازنہ کرنا : compare critically; of texts.

Constituency : حلقہٴانتخاب : the body of voters who elect a representative for their area.

Ballot : رائے پرچی : a document listing the alternatives that is used in voting.

Obverse : سامنے کے رخ : the more conspicuous of two alternatives or cases or sides. "The obverse of this issue".

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