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1. Decide, Determine, Make Up One's Mind : فیصلہ کرنا - تعیین کرنا : (Verb) Reach, make, or come to a decision about something.

Decide it.
It has been decided.+ More

Measure, Measure Out, Mensurate - determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of.

2. Decide, Adjudicate, Resolve, Settle : فیصلہ ہونا - طے پانا : (Verb) Bring to an end; settle conclusively.

The case was decided.
The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff.+ More

End, Terminate - bring to an end or halt.

About, Astir - مصروف - on the move; "up and about".

Bring, Land - لے جانا - bring into a different state; "this may land you in jail".

Come - ہونا - come to pass; arrive, as in due course; "The first success came three days later".

Conclusively, Once And For All - حتمی طور پر - in a conclusive way; "we settled the problem conclusively".

Conclusion, Decision, Determination - فیصلہ سازی - the act of making up your mind about something; "the burden of decision was his".

End, Oddment, Remainder, Remnant - کوئی بچی کچی چیز - a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold.

Settee, Settle - پشت دار لمبی نشست - a long wooden bench with a back.

Something - کچھ - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

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