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چوخانے : Chukhany Meaning in English


Chukhany in Detail

1) چوخانے : Crosshatch Hachure Hatch Hatching : (noun) shading consisting of multiple crossing lines.

Useful Words

کم پانی والی جگہ : Crossing , پیدل چلنے والوں کے لیے سڑک عبور کرنے کرنے کی جگہ یا پٹی : Pedestrian Crossing , پیدل چلنے والوں کے سڑک پار کرنے کی جگہ جہاں وہ ٹریفک کی بتیاں خود اپنے لیے کہول سکتے ہیں : Pelican Crossing , دہوکا دینا : Double Cross , کئی حصوں پر مشتمل : Multiple , انتخابات میں ایک ووٹر کا ایک سے زیادہ مقامات پر ووٹ ڈالنا : Multiple Voting , ذواضعاف اقل : Common Multiple , ستاروں کا جمگھٹا : Multiple Star , اعصابی بیماری : Disseminated Multiple Sclerosis , ورم اعصاب : Multiple Neuritis , گچھے دار پھل : Aggregate Fruit , کثیر انتخابی : Multiple-Choice , سلوٹ : Crease

Useful Words Definitions

Crossing: a shallow area in a stream that can be forded.

Pedestrian Crossing: street crossing where pedestrians have right of way; often marked in some way (especially with diagonal stripes).

Pelican Crossing: an acronym for pedestrian light control; a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights that are controlled by pedestrians.

Double Cross: an act of betrayal.

Multiple: having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual.

Multiple Voting: the act of voting in more than one place by the same person at the same election (illegal in U.S.).

Common Multiple: an integer that is a multiple of two or more other integers.

Multiple Star: a system of three or more stars associated by gravity.

Disseminated Multiple Sclerosis: a chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibers.

Multiple Neuritis: inflammation of many or all of the peripheral nerves (as in leprosy).

Aggregate Fruit: fruit consisting of many individual small fruits or drupes derived from separate ovaries within a common receptacle: e.g. blackberry; raspberry; pineapple.

Multiple-Choice: offering several alternative answers from which the correct one is to be chosen; or consisting of such questions.

Crease: a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface.

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