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Circumlocutious Meaning in Urdu

1. Circumlocutious - Ambagious - Circumlocutory - Periphrastic : ہیر پھیر والا : roundabout and unnecessarily wordy.

Had a preference for circumlocutious (or circumlocutory) rather than forthright expression.

Useful Words

Circuitous - Roundabout : ہیر پھیر والا : marked by obliqueness or indirection in speech or conduct. "The explanation was circuitous and puzzling"

Unnecessarily : بلا ضرورت : in an unnecessary manner. "They were unnecessarily rude"

Long-Winded - Tedious - Verbose - Windy - Wordy : کثیر الفاظ استعمال کرنے والا : using or containing too many words. "Long-winded (or windy) speakers"

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