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Clause meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Clause : جملے کا جز, فقرہ : (noun) (grammar) an expression including a subject and predicate but not constituting a complete sentence.

2 of 2) Clause, Article : شق : (noun) a separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will).

Useful Words

Loose Sentence : ڈھیلا جملہ , Complex Sentence : مرکب جملہ , Whole : پورا , Clausal : شقوں کے متعلق , Which : جو , Verb : فعل , Agent : فاعل , Affected Role : متاثر کن کردار , Double Indemnity : دہرا ہرجانہ , Ablative Absolute : مفعول منہ , Entire : پورا , Characteristic : خصوصیت , All Right : ٹھیک ہے , Phrase : جملہ , Active : جاری رہنے والا , Copula : رابط , Human Right : انسانی حقوق , Be : ہے , Grammarian : ماہر گرامر , Accidence : تصریف , Sense : فہم , Garment : لباس , Headline : سرخی , Column : مضمون , Glassware : کانچ کا سامان , Demonstrator : پیش کرنے والا , Charge : فیس , Price Tag : قیمت نامہ , Aelius Donatus : رومی زبان دان , 11-Plus : گیارہ برس کے طلبہ کا امتحان , Assay-Mark : توثیق

Useful Words Definitions

Loose Sentence: a complex sentence in which the main clause comes first and the subordinate clause follows.

Complex Sentence: a sentence composed of at least one main clause and one subordinate clause.

Whole: including all components without exception; being one unit or constituting the full amount or extent or duration; complete.

Clausal: of or relating to or functioning as a clause.

Which: clause that provides additional information.

Verb: the word class that serves as the predicate of a sentence.

Agent: the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the happening denoted by the verb in the clause.

Affected Role: the semantic role of an entity that is not the agent but is directly involved in or affected by the happening denoted by the verb in the clause.

Double Indemnity: a clause in an insurance policy that provides for double the face value of the policy in the case of accidental death.

Ablative Absolute: a constituent in Latin grammar; a noun and its modifier can function as a sentence modifier.

Entire: constituting the full quantity or extent; complete.

Characteristic: feature commonly denotes a standout or unique attribute, trait, or property of a subject or individual. It may also point to a particular component or facet within a broader context, like a landscape feature, a cinematic feature film, or a magazine feature article. Features often serve as noteworthy, meaningful, or defining characteristics in the subject under consideration.

All Right: an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence.

Phrase: an expression consisting of one or more words forming a grammatical constituent of a sentence.

Active: expressing that the subject of the sentence has the semantic function of actor:.

Copula: an equating verb (such as `be' or `become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence.

Human Right: (law) any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitled and in whose exercise a government may not interfere (including rights to life and liberty as well as freedom of thought and expression and equality before the law).

Be: have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun).

Grammarian: a linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax.

Accidence: the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words.

Sense: the meaning of a word or expression; the way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted.

Garment: an article of clothing.

Headline: the heading or caption of a newspaper article.

Column: an article giving opinions or perspectives.

Glassware: an article of tableware made of glass.

Demonstrator: someone who demonstrates an article to a prospective buyer.

Charge: the price charged for some article or service.

Price Tag: a tag showing the price of the article it is attached to.

Aelius Donatus: Roman grammarian whose textbook on Latin grammar was used throughout the Middle Ages (fourth century).

11-Plus: (formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school.

Assay-Mark: a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity.

Related Words

Grammar : گرامر , Sentence : جملہ , Construction : جملہ , Section : حصہ , Document : تحریری دستاویز , Contract : میثاق

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