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Clement meaning in Urdu

Clement Sentences

Clement weather.
A more clement judge reduced the sentence.

Clement Definitions

1 of 2) Clement : خوش گوار : (adjective) (of weather or climate) physically mild.


2 of 2) Clement : رحم دل, شریف : (adjective) (used of persons or behavior) inclined to show mercy.

Useful Words

Meteorology : موسمیات , Atmosphere : موسم , Tropic : گرم , Balminess : سکون بخشی , Meteoric : موسمی , Foulness : برسات , Acclimate : ماحول کا عادی ہونا , Climatic : موسمی , Climatically : موسمی لحاظ سے , Climate Change : ماحولیاتی تبدیلی , Acclimation : ہم آہنگی , Jungle Rot : جلدی بیماری , Geographics : علم الارض , Conditioned : ٹھیک حالت , Escape : فرار , Frail : لاغر , Tender : ملائم , Affect : متاثر کرنا , Get Hold Of : پکڑنا , Contact : چھونے کا عمل , Tough : جسمانی سخت ہونا , Balmy : تسکین بخش , Dig Into : چھان بین , Unsoundness : عدم صحت , Accustom : عادی بنانا , Doddering : بوڑھا , Ferociously : شدید طور پر , Bilk : بچنا , Agitated : متحرک , Assail : حملہ کرنا , Aweary : خستہ حالی

Useful Words Definitions

Meteorology: Meteorology is the scientific study of the Earth`s atmosphere, weather patterns, and climate. It is a branch of atmospheric science that focuses on understanding and predicting atmospheric phenomena, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind, precipitation, and other factors that influence weather conditions..

Atmosphere: the weather or climate at some place.

Tropic: of weather or climate; hot and humid as in the tropics.

Balminess: the quality of weather that is deliciously mild and soothing.

Meteoric: of or pertaining to atmospheric phenomena, especially weather and weather conditions.

Foulness: (of weather) the badness of the weather.

Acclimate: get used to a certain climate.

Climatic: of or relating to a climate.

Climatically: with respect to climate.

Climate Change: a change in the world`s climate.

Acclimation: adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment).

Jungle Rot: skin disorder induced by a tropical climate.

Geographics: study of the earth's surface; includes people's responses to topography and climate and soil and vegetation.

Conditioned: physically fit.

Escape: the act of escaping physically.

Frail: physically weak.

Tender: physically untoughened.

Affect: act physically on; have an effect upon.

Get Hold Of: get into one's hands, take physically.

Contact: the act of touching physically.

Tough: physically toughened.

Balmy: mild and pleasant.

Dig Into: examine physically with or as if with a probe.

Unsoundness: not mentally or physically healthy.

Accustom: make psychologically or physically used (to something).

Doddering: mentally or physically infirm with age.

Ferociously: in a physically fierce manner.

Bilk: escape, either physically or mentally.

Agitated: physically disturbed or set in motion.

Assail: attack someone physically or emotionally.

Aweary: physically and mentally fatigued.

Related Words

Merciful : مہربان

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Clement Attlee : رچرڈ اٹلی

Close Words Definitions

Clement Attlee: British statesman and leader of the Labour Party who instituted the welfare state in Britain (1883-1967).