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Co-Occurrence meaning in Urdu

Co-Occurrence Sentence

Co occurrence was not planned.

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Co-Occurrence Definitions

1 of 2) Co-Occurrence, Accompaniment, Attendant, Concomitant : لازم و ملزوم, ایک ساتھ, ایک ساتھ واقع ہونا : (noun) an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another.

2 of 2) Co-Occurrence, Coincidence, Concurrence, Conjunction : ہم وقتی : (noun) the temporal property of two things happening at the same time.

Useful Words

Concomitance : لازم و ملزوم , Contingence : ممکنہ نتیجہ , Conclusion : خاتمہ , Alarm : گھنٹی , Res Gestae : حقائق , Case : واقعہ , Blend : پھینٹ , Break : دراڑ , Lapse : وقفہ , Menarche : ابتدائی حیض کا آنا , Damage : نقصان , Miracle : معجزہ , Await : منتظر ہونا , Immediacy : تیزی , Convergence : اجماع , Jet : تیز اخراج , Coruscation : جگمگاہٹ , Ictus : ضرب یا دورہ , Chronology : واقعات کی تاریخ وار ترتیب , Combine : ملاپ , Break : خلل , Backlash : رد عمل , Acquired Reflex : رد عمل , Eruption : آغاز , Hearing Dog : بہروں کا مددگار کتا , Active : دمکتا ہوا , Overflow : لبریزی , Freshet : بارشوں کا سیلاب , Folie A Deux : نفسی عارضہ جو دو قریبی افراد پر اثرانداز ہوتا ہے , Narration : افسانہ , Absence : مرگی کا دورہ

Useful Words Definitions

Concomitance: occurrence or existence together or in connection with one another.

Contingence: a possible event or occurrence or result.

Conclusion: event whose occurrence ends something.

Alarm: a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event.

Res Gestae: rule of evidence that covers words that are so closely associated with an occurrence that the words are considered part of the occurrence and as such their report does not violate the hearsay rule.

Case: an occurrence of something.

Blend: an occurrence of thorough mixing.

Break: the occurrence of breaking.

Lapse: a break or intermission in the occurrence of something.

Menarche: the first occurrence of menstruation in a woman.

Damage: the occurrence of a change for the worse.

Miracle: any amazing or wonderful occurrence.

Await: look forward to the probable occurrence of.

Immediacy: the quickness of action or occurrence.

Convergence: the occurrence of two or more things coming together.

Jet: the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid).

Coruscation: the occurrence of a small flash or spark.

Ictus: a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease.

Chronology: a record of events in the order of their occurrence.

Combine: an occurrence that results in things being united.

Break: some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity.

Backlash: an adverse reaction to some political or social occurrence.

Acquired Reflex: an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulus.

Eruption: a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition).

Hearing Dog: dog trained to assist the deaf by signaling the occurrence of certain sounds.

Active: (of the sun) characterized by an increased occurrence of sunspots and flares and radio emissions.

Overflow: the occurrence of surplus liquid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity.

Freshet: the occurrence of a water flow resulting from sudden rain or melting snow.

Folie A Deux: the simultaneous occurrence of symptoms of a mental disorder (as delusions) in two persons who are closely related (as siblings or man and wife).

Narration: a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program.

Absence: the occurrence of an abrupt, transient loss or impairment of consciousness (which is not subsequently remembered), sometimes with light twitching, fluttering eyelids, etc.; common in petit mal epilepsy.

Related Words

Simultaneity : ہم وقتی , Contemporaneity : ہم عصری , Unison : ہم آہنگی , Happening : واقعہ