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Useful Words

Happening, Natural Event, Occurrence, Occurrent : واقعہ : an event that happens.

Late : دیر : being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time. "Why so late?".

Contemporary, Present-Day : آج کے دور کا : occurring to the present time. "Contemporary mind".

Rapid : تیزی سے آگے بڑھنے والا : done or occurring in a brief period of time. "A rapid rise through the ranks".

Favorable, Favourable : موزوں : occurring at a convenient or suitable time. "An opportune time to receive guests".

Current : موجودہ : occurring in or belonging to the present time. "Current events".

Casual, Occasional : وقتی : occurring from time to time. "Casual employment".

Asynchronous : بیک وقت ظاہر نہ ہونے والا : not synchronous; not occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase.

Real, Veridical : حقیقی : coinciding with reality. "Perceptual errorhas a surprising resemblance to veridical perception".

Scattered : الگ الگ : occurring or distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals in time or space. "Scattered showers".

Puerperal : بچے کی پیدایش سے متعلق : relating to or connected with or occurring at the time of childbirth or shortly following, or to the woman who has just given birth.

C.E., Ce, Common Era : عام تاریخ : of the period coinciding with the Christian era; preferred by some writers who are not Christians. "In 200 CE".

All-Or-None, All-Or-Nothing : سب کا سب یا کچھ نہیں : occurring completely or not occurring at all.

Co-Ordinated, Coordinated, Interconnected, Unified : مربوط : operating as a unit. "A unified utility system".

Crash, Go Down : چلتے چلتے رک جانا : stop operating. "My computer crashed last night".

Kill : ناکارہ کر دینا : cause to cease operating. "Kill the engine".

Cut Out : رکنا : cease operating. "The pump suddenly cut out".

Airmanship, Aviation : طیارہ اڑانے یا جہاز رانی کا فن : the art of operating aircraft.

Break, Break Down, Conk Out, Die, Fail, Give Out, Give Way, Go, Go Bad : خراب ہو جانا : stop operating or functioning. "The car has broken down again".

Year-Around, Year-Round : سال بھر : operating or continuing throughout the year. "A year-round resort".

High-Speed, High-Velocity : تیز رفتار : operating at high speed. "A high-speed food processor".

Sop : کام کرنے کا اصول : standard operating procedure. "Following SOP is must to reduce coronavirus cases".

Subterranean, Subterraneous : پوشیدہ : being or operating under the surface of the earth. "Subterranean passages".

Stiff : بے لچک : not moving or operating freely. "A stiff hinge".

Tie Up : بند کرنا : restrain from moving or operating normally. "Traffic is tied up for miles around the bridge where the accident occurred".

Come On, Come Up, Go On : چل پڑنا : start running, functioning, or operating. "The computer came up".

High-Potential, High-Voltage : ہائی ولٹیج : operating on or powered by a high voltage. "A high-voltage generator".

Aerial : ہوائی : existing or living or growing or operating in the air. "Aerial firing".

All-Night, Nightlong, Overnight : رات بھر : lasting, open, or operating through the whole night. "A nightlong vigil".

Multinational, Transnational : قومی حدود سے بلند : involving or operating in several nations or nationalities. "Multinational corporations".

Amphibious : پانی اور خشکی میں رہنے کی صلاحیت رکھنے والا : operating or living on land and in water. "Amphibious vehicles".

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