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Coalition   Meaning in Urdu

1. Coalition - Alignment - Alinement - Alliance : اتحاد : (noun) an organization of people (or countries) involved in a pact or treaty.

Combination - an alliance of people or corporations or countries for a special purpose (formerly to achieve some antisocial end but now for general political or economic purposes).

2. Coalition - Fusion : گٹھ جوڑ - ایک ہوجانا : (noun) the state of being combined into one body.

Unification, Union - the state of being joined or united or linked.

3. Coalition - Coalescence - Coalescency - Concretion - Conglutination : اتصال - جوڑ : (noun) the union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts.

Conjugation, Jointure, Unification, Union, Uniting - the act of making or becoming a single unit.

Useful Words

Body - Organic Structure - Physical Structure : جسم : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire"

Combined : متحدہ : made or joined or united into one.

Country - Land - State : ملک : the territory occupied by a nation. "I had to leave the country"

Byzantine - Convoluted - Involved - Knotty - Tangled - Tortuous : پیچیدہ : highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious. "The Byzantine tax structure"

One : ایک : a single person or thing. "Do I say one thing if you don`t mind ?"

Organisation - Organization : تنظیم : a group of people who work together.

Accord - Pact - Treaty : معاہدہ : a written agreement between two states or sovereigns.

People : لوگ : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. "What do I tell people?"

State : حالت : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Narrate me the state of your heart"

Accord - Pact - Treaty : معاہدہ : a written agreement between two states or sovereigns.

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