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Cogitation meaning in Urdu

Cogitation Sentences

After much cogitation he rejected the offer.
His cogitations were dutifully recorded in his daybook.

Cogitation Synonym

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Cogitation in Detail

1 of 2) Cogitation, Study : سوچ بچار : (noun) attentive consideration and meditation.

Related : Thoughtfulness : a calm, lengthy, intent consideration.

2 of 2) Cogitation : تدبر, تفکر : (noun) a carefully considered thought about something.

Related : Thought : the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about.

Useful Words

Cogitative : متفکرانہ : of or relating to having capacities for cogitation. "The cogitative faculty".

Lucubration : مطالعہ : a solemn literary work that is the product of laborious cogitation.

Retrospect : ماضی میں گم ہو جانا : contemplation of things past. "In retrospect".

Reflectiveness, Reflectivity : غور و فکر : the capability of quiet thought or contemplation.

Close, Closely, Tight : توجہ سے : in an attentive manner. "He remained close on his guard".

Forgetful, Mindless, Unmindful : بے حس : not mindful or attentive. "While thus unmindful of his steps he stumbled".

Careful, Heedful : دھیان دینے والا : cautiously attentive. "Careful of her feelings".

Muller, Muser, Ponderer, Ruminator : غور و فکر کرنے والا : a reflective thinker characterized by quiet contemplation.

Aware, Mindful : با خبر : bearing in mind; attentive to. "Ever mindful of her health".

Attentively : دھیان کے ساتھ : with attention; in an attentive manner. "He listened attentively".

Close : کڑی : rigorously attentive; strict and thorough. "Close supervision".

Carefulness, Caution, Cautiousness : ہوشیاری : the trait of being cautious; being attentive to possible danger. "A man of caution".

Obsequious : چاپلوس : attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner. "Obsequious shop assistants".

Argus-Eyed, Open-Eyed, Vigilant, Wakeful : چوکس : carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger. "A vigilant dog".

Monastic, Monk : راہب : a male religious living in a cloister and devoting himself to contemplation and prayer and work.

Meditation, Speculation : غور و فکر : continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature. "The habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge".

Above All, Most Especially, Most Importantly : سب سے بڑھ کر : above and beyond all other consideration. "Above all, you must be independent".

Brush Aside, Brush Off, Discount, Dismiss, Disregard, Ignore, Push Aside : نظر انداز کرنا : bar from attention or consideration. "He brushed me off".

Entertain, Flirt With, Think About, Think Of, Toy With : غور کرنا : take into consideration, have in view. "He entertained the notion of moving to South America".

Advisement, Deliberation, Weighing : مشاورت : careful consideration. "A little deliberation would have deterred them".

Careless, Regardless : غافل : (usually followed by `of`) without due thought or consideration. "Ali could always make her laugh regardless of her misery".

Exploration : جائزہ : a systematic consideration. "He called for a careful exploration of the consequences".

Conceive, Conceptualise, Conceptualize, Gestate : تصور کرنا : have the idea for. "He conceived of a robot that would help paralyzed patients".

Consider, Count, Weigh : خیال کرنا : show consideration for; take into account. "You must consider her age".

Remember, Think Of : یاد رکھنا : keep in mind for attention or consideration. "Remember the Alamo".

Dismiss, Throw Out : خارج کرنا : cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration. "This case is dismissed!".

Consider, Study : سوچنا : give careful consideration to. "Consider the possibility of moving".

Eliminate, Reject, Rule Out, Winnow Out : رد کر دینا : dismiss from consideration or a contest. "John was ruled out as a possible suspect because he had a strong alibi".

Inconsiderate, Unconsidered : بے احتیاط : without proper consideration or reflection. "Slovenly inconsiderate reasoning".

Bring Up, Raise : سامنے لانا : put forward for consideration or discussion. "Raise the question of promotions".

Subject, Submit : پیش کرنا : refer for judgment or consideration. "The lawyers submitted the material to the court".

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