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1 of 3) Consideration : غورو فکر : (noun) the process of giving careful thought to something.

Consideration in business law.

2 of 3) Consideration, Circumstance, Condition : سوچنے کی بات : (noun) information that should be kept in mind when making a decision.

Another consideration is the time it would take.

3 of 3) Consideration, Considerateness, Thoughtfulness : لحاظ : (noun) kind and considerate regard for others.

He showed no consideration for her feelings.

Useful Words

Advisement : مشاورت , Consider : سوچنا , Observation : مشاہدہ , Advised : سوچا سمجھا , Careless : غافل , Careless : لا پروا , Wrestle : لڑنا , Tact : سلیقہ , Above All : سب سے بڑھ کر , Brush Aside : نظر انداز کرنا , Entertain : غور کرنا , Exploration : جائزہ , Remember : یاد رکھنا , Eliminate : رد کر دینا , Apart : چھوڑ کر , Bring Forward : غور کرنے کے لیے لانا , Bring Up : سامنے لانا , Do Well By : عزت و غورو فکر کے ساتھ برتاو کرنا , Extraneous : غیر وابستہ , Consider : غور کرنا , Inconsiderate : بے احتیاط , Consider : خیال کرنا , Subject : پیش کرنا , Dismiss : خارج کرنا , Cogitation : سوچ بچار , Inconsiderately : لا پروائی سے , Advance : پیش کرنا , Contemplation : غور و فکر , 0 : صفر , Project : تجویز کرنا , Reconsider : دوبارہ غور کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Advisement: careful consideration.

Consider: give careful consideration to.

Observation: a remark expressing careful consideration.

Advised: having the benefit of careful prior consideration or counsel.

Careless: (usually followed by `of`) without due thought or consideration.

Careless: marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful.

Wrestle: engage in deep thought, consideration, or debate.

Tact: consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense.

Above All: above and beyond all other consideration.

Brush Aside: bar from attention or consideration.

Entertain: take into consideration, have in view.

Exploration: a systematic consideration.

Remember: keep in mind for attention or consideration.

Eliminate: dismiss from consideration or a contest.

Apart: not taken into account or excluded from consideration.

Bring Forward: bring forward for consideration.

Bring Up: put forward for consideration or discussion.

Do Well By: treat with respect and consideration.

Extraneous: not pertinent to the matter under consideration.

Consider: take into consideration for exemplifying purposes.

Inconsiderate: without proper consideration or reflection.

Consider: show consideration for; take into account.

Subject: refer for judgment or consideration.

Dismiss: cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration.

Cogitation: attentive consideration and meditation.

Inconsiderately: without consideration; in an inconsiderate manner.

Advance: bring forward for consideration or acceptance.

Contemplation: a calm, lengthy, intent consideration.

0: indicating the absence of any or all units under consideration.

Project: present for consideration, examination, criticism, etc.

Reconsider: consider again; give new consideration to; usually with a view to changing.

Related Words

Kindness : مہربانی , Cerebration : خیال , Information : معلومات , Justification : جواز

Consideration in Book Titles

Equal Consideration: A Theory of Moral Justification.
A Consideration of: Reality, Human Nature, and Metaphysics.
Fundamental Considerations in Language Testing.
Braggarts unborn: a consideration of life before birth.

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