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Cold-Shoulder meaning in Urdu

Cold-Shoulder Sentence

She cold shouldered her ex fiance.

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Cold-Shoulder in Detail

1) Cold-Shoulder, Slight : کم اہمیت : (verb) pay no attention to, disrespect.

Related : Push Aside : bar from attention or consideration.

Useful Words

Cold, Coldness, Frigidity, Frigidness, Low Temperature : سردی : no presence of heat. "Cold weather of London".

Cold Cash, Ready Cash, Ready Money : نقد رقم : money in the form of cash that is readily available. "She paid cold cash for the new TV".

Cold Cereal, Dry Cereal : خشک اناج : a cereal that is not heated before serving.

Cold Comfort : کم تسلی : very limited consolation or empathy. "He told me that time heals all wounds but that was cold comfort to me".

Cold Feet : ہمت ہارنا : timidity that prevents the continuation of a course of action. "I was going to tell him but I got cold feet".

Cold Rubber : سخت ربڑ : a rubber made at low temperatures (5 degrees Centigrade) which is tougher than conventional rubber and is often used in car tires.

Cold Shoulder, Cut, Snub : لاتعلقی : a refusal to recognize someone you know. "The snub was clearly intentional".

Cold Sore, Fever Blister, Herpes Labialis, Oral Herpes : بخار کے چھالے : caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

Cold Sweat : ٹھنڈا پسینہ : the physical condition of concurrent perspiration and chill; associated with fear.

Cold War : سرد جنگ : a state of political hostility between countries using means short of armed warfare.

Cold Wave : سرد کی لہر : a wave of unusually cold weather.

Cold-Bloodedly : بے رحمی سے : in cold blood. "He cold-bloodedly planned the murder of his boss".

Cold-Eyed, Dispassionate : غیر جانبدار : unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice. "A journalist should be a dispassionate reporter of fact".

Head Cold : زکام : a common cold affecting the nasal passages and resulting in congestion and sneezing and headache.

Ice-Cold : برف جیسا : as cold as ice.

Coldly, In Cold Blood : بے رحمی سے : in a cold unemotional manner. "He killed her in cold blood".

Keep One's Nose To The Grindstone, Keep One's Shoulder To The Wheel, Peg Away, Plug Away, Slog : مشقت کرنا : work doggedly or persistently. "She keeps plugging away at her dissertation".

Kayo, Knock Cold, Knock Out : مکا مار کر بےہوش کردینا : knock unconscious or senseless. "The boxing champion knocked out his opponent in a few seconds".

Pour Cold Water On, Throw Cold Water On : پست ہمت یا افسردہ ہونا یا کرنا : be discouraging or negative about.

Shoulder : کندھا : the part of the body between the neck and the upper arm. "Remove your hand from my shoulder".

Scapula, Shoulder Blade, Shoulder Bone : کاندھے کی ہڈی : either of two flat triangular bones one on each side of the shoulder in human beings.

Shoulder Strap, Strap : کندھے کی پٹی : a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag.

Shoulder-To-Shoulder : ساتھ ساتھ : side by side and close together. "The troops marched shoulder-to-shoulder".

Stone-Cold : نہایت ٹھنڈا : completely cold. "By the time he got back to his coffee it was stone-cold".

Blunt, Candid, Forthright, Frank, Free-Spoken, Outspoken, Plainspoken, Point-Blank, Straight-From-The-Shoulder : کھلم کھلا : characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion. "Blunt talking and straight shooting".

Contempt Of Court : توہین عدالت : disrespect for the rules of a court of law.

Flip, Impudent, Insolent, Snotty-Nosed : گستاخ : marked by casual disrespect. "A flip answer to serious question".

Blasphemy : کفر : blasphemous language (expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred).

Affront, Insult : توہین : a deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of deliberate disrespect. "I got insulted".

Brush On : لگانا : apply with a brush. "Brush butter on the roast".

Brush : برش سے صاف کرنا : clean with a brush. "She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet".

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