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Compensation meaning in Urdu

Compensation Sentence

Pakistani government has announced compensation for families of victim.

Compensation Synonym


Compensation Definitions

1 of 3) Compensation : ہرجانہ, تلافی : (noun) something (such as money) given or received as payment or reparation (as for a service or loss or injury).

2 of 3) Compensation : اپنی کمیوں سے پردہ پوشی : (noun) (psychiatry) a defense mechanism that conceals your undesirable shortcomings by exaggerating desirable behaviors.

3 of 3) Compensation, Recompense : تلافی کرنا, ہرجانہ دینا : (noun) the act of compensating for service or loss or injury.

Useful Words

Amends : معاوضہ , Reparation : تلافی , Emolument : تنخواہ , Bung : معمولی سا انعام دینا , Atonement : کفارہ , Gift : تحفہ , Pro Bono : خیرات , Compensated : تنخواہ یاب , Compensate : تلافی کرنا , Blood Money : خوں بہا , Compensatory Time : رعائیتی چھٹی , Labor Of Love : مفت کام کرنے کا عمل , Actual Damages : زر تلافی , Accommodation Endorser : سود معاف کرنے والا , Welfare State : فلاحی ریاست , Recompense : معاوضہ , Reward : جزا , Dole : حکومتی امداد , Refund : واپس ادائی , Service Charge : سروس چارج , Concussion : دماغی چوٹ , Gutlessness : کم ہمتی , Gutsiness : دلیری , Abiotrophy : اعصابی کمزوری , Remit : ادائیگی کرنا , Change : کھلا , Rent : کرایہ , Remission : رقم کی منتقلی , Contribution : چندہ , Pledge : چندہ دینا , Annually : ہر سال

Useful Words Definitions

Amends: a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury.

Reparation: compensation (given or received) for an insult or injury.

Emolument: compensation received by virtue of holding an office or having employment (usually in the form of wages or fees).

Bung: give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on.

Atonement: compensation for a wrong.

Gift: something acquired without compensation.

Pro Bono: done for the public good without compensation.

Compensated: receiving or eligible for compensation.

Compensate: make amends for; pay compensation for.

Blood Money: compensation paid to the family of a murdered person.

Compensatory Time: time off that is granted to a worker as compensation for working overtime.

Labor Of Love: productive work performed voluntarily without material reward or compensation.

Actual Damages: (law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated.

Accommodation Endorser: a person who endorses a promissory note without compensation or benefit but simply as a favor to the borrower.

Welfare State: a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc..

Recompense: payment or reward (as for service rendered).

Reward: payment made in return for a service rendered.

Dole: money received from the state.

Refund: the act of returning money received previously.

Service Charge: a percentage of a bill (as at a hotel or restaurant) added in payment for service.

Concussion: injury to the brain caused by a blow; usually resulting in loss of consciousness.

Gutlessness: the trait of lacking courage and determination; fearful of loss or injury.

Gutsiness: the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury.

Abiotrophy: a loss of vitality and a degeneration of cells and tissues not due to any apparent injury.

Remit: send (money) in payment.

Change: money received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different currency.

Rent: a payment or series of payments made by the lessee to an owner for use of some property, facility, equipment, or service.

Remission: a payment of money sent to a person in another place.

Contribution: a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause.

Pledge: pay (an amount of money) as a contribution to a charity or service, especially at regular intervals.

Annually: by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received).

Related Words

Correction : تصحیح , Psychiatry : طب نفسیات , Counterbalance : برابر

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