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Complacently meaning in Urdu

Complacently Sentence

He complacently lived out his life as a village school teacher.

Complacently in Detail

1) Complacently : اطمینان سے : (adverb) in a self-satisfied manner.

Useful Words

Fatuously, Inanely : پاگل پن سے : vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish.

Unsated, Unsatiated, Unsatisfied : غیر مطمئن : not having been satisfied.

Complacence, Complacency, Self-Complacency, Self-Satisfaction : اطمینان : the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself. "His complacency was absolutely disgusting".

Gratify, Satisfy : خوش اور اطمینان بخشنا ہونا : make happy or satisfied.

Gratification, Satisfaction : اطمینان : state of being gratified or satisfied. "Dull repetitious work gives no gratification".

Smirker : بناوٹی طور پر مسکرانے والا : a smiler whose smile is offensively self-satisfied.

Content, Contented : مطمئن ہونا : satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are. "We should be content with what Allah has given us He knows what is best for us and we know not".

Firmly, Securely : حفاظت سے : in a secure manner; in a manner free from danger. "She held the child securely".

Cause, Get, Have, Induce, Make, Stimulate : قائل کرنا : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The induced me for fake collision to obtain money fraudulently from insurance companies".

Decent, Decently, In Good Order, Properly, Right, The Right Way : مناسب طور پر : in the right manner. "Please do your job properly!".

Gaily : خوش دلی سے : in a gay manner. "The scandals were gaily diverting".

Appropriately, Befittingly, Fitly, Fittingly, Suitably : مناسب طریقے سے : in an appropriate manner. "He was appropriately dressed".

Coyly : شرما تے ہوۓ : in a coy manner. "She pouted and looked at him coyly".

Wryly : ٹیڑھے پن سے : in a wry manner. "`I see,' he commented wryly".

However : چاہے جیسے بھی : in whatever way or manner. "Victory, however it was brought about, was sweet".

Becomingly : مناسب طور سے : in a becoming manner. "She was becomingly dressed".

Volitionally, Willingly : مرضی سے : in a willing manner. "I willingly accept".

Differently, Other Than, Otherwise : مختلف انداز سے : in another and different manner. "Very soon you will know differently".

Fain, Gladly, Lief : مرضی سے : in a willing manner. "This was gladly agreed to".

Earnestly, In Earnest, Seriously : توجہ سے : in a serious manner. "Talking earnestly with his son".

Alike : ایک ہی طرح سے : in a like manner. "They walk alike".

Weightily : سنجیدہ طور پر : in a serious manner. "The speech was weighty and it was weightily delivered".

Chattily, Volubly : بے تکلفی سے : in a chatty manner. "`when I was a girl,' she said chattily, `I used to ride a bicycle'".

Compulsorily, Mandatorily, Obligatorily : لازمی طور پر : in a manner that cannot be evaded. "The ministry considers that contributions to such a fund should be met from voluntary donations rather than from rates compulsorily levied".

Cautiously, Conservatively, Guardedly : احتیاط سے : in a conservative manner. "We estimated the number of demonstrators conservatively at 200,000".

Marginally : اضافی طور پر : in a marginal manner. "Marginally interesting".

Somberly, Sombrely : اداسی سے : in a somber manner. "`That's sure bad news,' said Dowd, somberly".

Cheaply, Chintzily, Stingily : گھٹیا سلوک : in a stingy manner. "Their rich uncle treated them rather chintzily".

Tangibly : واضح طور پر : in a tangible manner. "Virtue is tangibly rewarded".

Long-Windedly, Verbosely, Windily, Wordily : بڑے دم سے : in a verbose manner. "She explained her ideas verbosely".

Haggardly : پریشان حالی سے : in a haggard manner. "She looked haggardly out of her tent".

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