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Comprehensive   Meaning in Urdu

Comprehensive in Sentences

Comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive survey of world affairs.

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1. Comprehensive : جامع - ہر پہلو والا : (adjective) including all or everything.

Comprehensive coverage.
A comprehensive history of the revolution.+ More

Complete - having every necessary or normal part or component or step.

2. Comprehensive : وسیع : broad in scope.

A comprehensive survey of world affairs.

Related Words

Comprehensibility - Understandability : قابل فہم : the quality of comprehensible language or thought.

Breadth - Comprehensiveness - Largeness : ذہنی طاقت : the capacity to understand a broad range of topics. "A teacher must have a breadth of knowledge of the subject"

Comprehensive in Book Titles

Comprehensive Dictionary of Psychoanalysis.
Comprehensive Biology XII.
Comprehensive Security: Challenge for Pacific Asia.
Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive Management.
A Comprehensive Russian Grammar.

Useful Words

All - Altogether - Completely - Entirely - Totally - Whole - Wholly : پوری طرح : to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly'). "He was wholly convinced"

Broad - Wide : کشادہ : having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other. "Wide roads"

Ambit - Compass - Orbit - Range - Reach - Scope : حلقہ : an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:. "The range of a supersonic jet"

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