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Coverage meaning in Urdu

Coverage Sentences

The dictionary's coverage of standard English is excellent.
They accused the paper of biased coverage of race relations.

Coverage Synonyms


Coverage Definitions

1 of 2) Coverage : وسعت : (noun) the extent to which something is covered.

2 of 2) Coverage, Reportage, Reporting : نشریات, خبر سازی, رپورٹنگ : (noun) the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio or television.

Useful Words

Journalism : صحافت , Hearst : امریکی اخبار نویس , After A Fashion : تھوڑا بہت , Severe : نہایت شدید , Through : پوری طرح , Any : کوئی , In A Way : کسی حد تک , Dimension : وسعت , Appallingly : ہولناک طور پر , As Far As Possible : جتنا ممکن ہو , Ad Nauseam : اکتانے کی حد تک , Wide : پورا , Incompletely : نامکمل طور پر , A Good Deal : بہت , Kind Of : کافی , Some : تھوڑا , Limitation : رکاوٹ , Commensurate : موافق , Wide : دور دور تک , Lightly : کم کم , Outstandingly : غیر معمولی طور پر , Creditably : بخوبی , Enormity : وسعت , Quite : بالکل , How : کتنا , So : بہت , More Or Less : کچھ کچھ , Far-Flung : دور رس , Deepness : گہرائی , For : کا , Considerably : بہت

Useful Words Definitions

Journalism: the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media.

Hearst: United States newspaper publisher whose introduction of large headlines and sensational reporting changed American journalism (1863-1951).

After A Fashion: to some extent; not very well.

Severe: very bad in degree or extent.

Through: throughout the entire extent.

Any: to any degree or extent.

In A Way: to a certain extent; with reservations.

Dimension: magnitude or extent.

Appallingly: to an appalling extent.

As Far As Possible: to a feasible extent.

Ad Nauseam: to a sickening extent.

Wide: to the fullest extent possible.

Incompletely: not to a full degree or extent.

A Good Deal: to a very great degree or extent.

Kind Of: to some (great or small) extent.

Some: relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent.

Limitation: a principle that limits the extent of something.

Commensurate: corresponding in size or degree or extent.

Wide: to or over a great extent or range; far.

Lightly: in a small quantity or extent.

Outstandingly: to a remarkable degree or extent.

Creditably: to a tolerably worthy extent.

Enormity: vastness of size or extent.

Quite: to the greatest extent; completely.

How: To what extent, amount, or degree.

So: to a very great extent or degree.

More Or Less: to a small degree or extent.

Far-Flung: distributed over a considerable extent.

Deepness: the extent downward or backward or inward.

For: Used to indicate amount, extent, or duration.

Considerably: to a great extent or degree.

Related Words

Extent : گنجائش

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