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Concentrate 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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Concentrate juice.

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1/6) Khalis Banana خالص بنانا Garha Karna گاڑھا کرنا : Concentrate : (verb) make denser, stronger, or purer.


2/6) Tawaja Markooz Karna توجہ مرکوز کرنا Tawaja Dena توجہ دینا : Center Centre Focus Pore Rivet Concentrate : (verb) direct one`s attention on something.

Related : Steep : devote (oneself) fully to.

3/6) Markaz Kay Tehat Lana مرکز کے تحت لانا : Centralise Centralize Concentrate : (verb) make central.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

4/6) Mukhtasar Karna مختصر کرنا : Condense Digest Concentrate : (verb) make more concise.

Related : Shorten : reduce in scope while retaining essential elements.

5/6) Kam Karna کم کرنا : Condense Contract Concentrate : (verb) compress or concentrate.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

6/6) Aubal Kar Kam Karna ابال کر کم کرنا : Boil Down Decoct Reduce Concentrate : (verb) be cooked until very little liquid is left.

Related : Preparation : the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat.

Useful Words

Attending Attention : Tawaja توجہ : the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of others. "Attention please"

Direct : Bra Rast براہ راست : direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short. "A direct route"

Make : Banana بنانا : act in a certain way so as to acquire. "Make friends"

One : Wahid واحد : a single person or thing. "Do I say one thing if you don`t mind ?"

Something : Kuch کچھ : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

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