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Condemn   Meaning in Urdu

1. Condemn - Decry - Excoriate - Objurgate - Reprobate : انکار - مذمت کرنا : (verb) express strong disapproval of.

We condemn the racism in South Africa.

Denounce - speak out against.

2. Condemn : غیر مناسب قرار دینا : (verb) declare or judge unfit for use or habitation.

The building was condemned by the inspector.

Boo, Hiss - show displeasure, as after a performance or speech.

3. Condemn : دھکیل دینا : (verb) compel or force into a particular state or activity.

His devotion to his sick wife condemned him to a lonely existence.

Compel, Obligate, Oblige - force somebody to do something.

4. Condemn - Doom - Sentence : سزا دینا - عدالت کا سزا دینا : (verb) pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law.

He was condemned to ten years in prison.

Jurisprudence, Law - the collection of rules imposed by authority.

Condemn in Book Titles

Who shall condemn? and other stories.
The Last Day of a Condemned Man.
Condemned to Repeat?: The Paradox of Humanitarian Action.
Condemned: The Whole StoryGrammar Crammer: How to Write Perfect Sentences.

Useful Words

Announce - Declare : اعلان کرنا : announce publicly or officially. "The President declared war"

Disapproval - Disfavor - Disfavour - Dislike : نفرت کرنا : an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group.

Evince - Express - Show : ظاہر کرنا : give expression to. "She showed her disappointment"

Abode - Domicile - Dwelling - Dwelling House - Habitation - Home : گھر : housing that someone is living in. "I am about to arrive home"

Judge - Jurist - Justice : قاضی : a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice.

Strong : مضبوط : having strength or power greater than average or expected. "You have to be strong"

Disqualify - Indispose - Unfit : ناقابل بنانا : make unfit or unsuitable. "Your income disqualifies you"

Employment - Exercise - Usage - Use - Utilisation - Utilization : استعمال کرنے کا عمل : the act of using. "He warned against the use of narcotic drugs"