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Conge meaning in Urdu

Conge Sentence

He gave me his conge.

Conge Synonym

Conge Definitions

1 of 2) Conge, Congee : جانے کی اجازت : (noun) formal permission to depart.


2 of 2) Conge, Congee : برطرفی : (noun) an abrupt and unceremonious dismissal.

Useful Words

Complain : شکایت کرنا , Exit : چلے جانا , Lift Off : پرواز کر جانا , Beat A Retreat : تیزی سے پسپائی اختیار کر لینا , Rush Away : بھاگنا , Discharge : برطرفی , Atilt : جھکا ہوا , Digressive : بھٹکتا ہوا , Consent : رضامندی , Walk Off : بغیر اجازت لے جانا , Leave : اجازت دینا , Appropriator : قبضے میں لینے والا , Clearance : اجازت , Encroaching : دخل اندازی , Hooky Player : ٹلے باز , Authorisation : اجازت , Encroachment : بلا اجازت داخلہ , Allow : اجازت دینا , Dare : جرت کرنا , Bootlegging : نا جائز طریقے سے بیچنا , Appropriation : قبضہ , All Clear : سب ٹھیک ہے , Interloper : دخل دینے والا , Green Light : آگے بڑھنے کا اشارہ کسی کام میں , Licence : کسی کام کو کرنے کی تحریری اجازت دینا , Licenser : اجازت دینے والا , Informal : غیر رسمی , Colloquy : رسمی گفتگو , Hereby : اس کے نتیجے میں , Approval : منظوری , Amnesty : معافی

Useful Words Definitions

Complain: make a formal accusation; bring a formal charge.

Exit: move out of or depart from.

Lift Off: depart from the ground.

Beat A Retreat: depart hastily.

Rush Away: depart in a hurry.

Discharge: the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart).

Atilt: departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal.

Digressive: (of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects.

Consent: permission to do something.

Walk Off: take without permission.

Leave: permission to do something.

Appropriator: someone who takes for his or her own use (especially without permission).

Clearance: permission to proceed.

Encroaching: gradually intrusive without right or permission.

Hooky Player: one who is absent from school without permission.

Authorisation: official permission or approval.

Encroachment: entry to another`s property without right or permission.

Allow: consent to, give permission.

Dare: take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission.

Bootlegging: the act of selling illegally or without permission.

Appropriation: a deliberate act of acquisition of something, often without the permission of the owner.

All Clear: permission to proceed because obstacles have been removed.

Interloper: someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission.

Green Light: permission to proceed with a project or to take action.

Licence: a legal document giving official permission to do something.

Licenser: an official who can issue a license or give authoritative permission (especially one who licenses publications).

Informal: not formal.

Colloquy: a conversation especially a formal one.

Hereby: (formal) by means of this.

Approval: the formal act of approving.

Amnesty: the formal act of liberating someone.

Related Words

License : اجازت دینے کا عمل

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