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Selective Service : کسی عسکری شاخ میں جبری خدمت گزاری , Launderette : خود سے کپڑے دہونے کی جگہ جہاں خود کار مشینیں لگی ہوں , Conscript : جبری سپاہی , Demob : فوج خدمات کو خیرباد کہنا , Serviceable : قابل خدمت , Duty Tour : فوجی سروس کی دور , Military Volunteer : رضاکارنہ طور پر فوج میں بھرتی ہونے والا , Recruiter : بھرتی کرنے والا , Battle Dress : فوجی محاز کا لباس , Terminal Leave : اختتامی رخصت , Shirker : کام چور , Stripe : فوجی نشان , Coastguard : ساحلی محافظ , Useful : کار آمد , Brand : تجارتی نام , Functional : قابل استعمال , Keep : استعمال کے قابل رکھنا , Length Of Service : طویل عرصہ , Unserviceable : ناکا رہ , Sas : خاص ہوائی سروس , Accommodate : خدمت کرنا , Mms : ایم ایم ایس , Stand By : تیار رہنا , Place Setting : کسی ایک شخص کا دستر خوان , Accommodator : معاہدہ یا پابندی کرنے والا , Conscript : جبری بھرتی کرنا , Commemoration : عرس , Aid : مدد کرنا , Caterer : کھانا اور دیگر خدمات فراہم کرنے والا , Get Off : خط بھیجنا , Available : دستیاب

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Selective Service: an independent federal agency that administers compulsory military service.

Launderette: a self-service laundry (service mark Laundromat) where coin-operated washing machines are available to individual customers.

Conscript: someone who is drafted into military service.

Demob: retire from military service.

Serviceable: ready for service or able to give long service.

Duty Tour: a period of time spent in military service.

Military Volunteer: (military) a person who freely enlists for service.

Recruiter: an official who enlists personnel for military service.

Battle Dress: a military uniform designed for field service.

Terminal Leave: final leave before discharge from military service.

Shirker: a person who shirks his work or duty (especially one who tries to evade military service in wartime).

Stripe: a piece of braid, usually on the sleeve, indicating military rank or length of service.

Coastguard: a military service responsible for the safety of maritime traffic in coastal waters.

Useful: being of use or service.

Brand: a name given to a product or service.

Functional: fit or ready for use or service.

Keep: maintain for use and service.

Length Of Service: duration of service.

Unserviceable: not ready for service.

Sas: Special Air Service.

Accommodate: provide a service or favor for someone.

Mms: Multimedia messaging service.

Stand By: be available or ready for a certain function or service.

Place Setting: a table service for one person.

Accommodator: someone who performs a service or does a favor.

Conscript: enroll into service compulsorily.

Commemoration: a recognition of meritorious service.

Aid: give help or assistance; be of service.

Caterer: someone who provides food and service (as for a party).

Get Off: send via the postal service.

Available: obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service.

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Militarisation : تیاری , Armed Forces : کسی قوم کی فوج

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