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Consumptive meaning in Urdu

Consumptive Sentence

Water suitable for beneficial consumptive uses.

Consumptive Definitions

1) Consumptive : صرف پذیر : (adjective) tending to consume or use often wastefully.

Duties consumptive of time and energy.
Consumptive fires.


Useful Words

Trifle Away : فضول خرچ , Expend : خرچ کرنا , Absorb : مشغول ہونا , Abstain : پرہیز کرنا , Greedy : پیٹو , Habituate : روز استعمال کرنا , Consume : استعمال کرنا , Reformative : اصلاحی , Ameliorating : اصلاحی , Combinable : جوڑنے کے قابل , Ascensional : چڑھتا , Domineering : جبری , Adhesive : چپکنے والا , Suppressive : جابرانہ , Occlusive : بند کرنے والا , Communicative : باتونی , Promotive : بڑھانے والا , Convergent : ملنے والا , Carcinogenic : سرطان پیدا کرنے والا , Off-White : سفید سا , Corruptive : بگاڑنے والا , Contrasting : متقابل , Propellant : دھکیلنے والا , Evanescent : غائب ہو جانے والا , Aggressive : تیزی سے پھیلنے والا , Belittling : اظہار ناپسندیدگی سے متعلق , Accelerative : رفتار میں اضافہ کرنے والا , Aversive : دور کرنے والا , Rejective : متعلق بہ نا منظوری , Connective : ملانے والا , Profanatory : ناپاک

Useful Words Definitions

Trifle Away: spend wastefully.

Expend: use up, consume fully.

Absorb: consume all of one's attention or time.

Abstain: choose not to consume or avoid.

Greedy: wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume.

Habituate: take or consume (regularly or habitually).

Consume: serve oneself to, or consume regularly.

Reformative: tending to reform.

Ameliorating: tending to ameliorate.

Combinable: able to or tending to combine.

Ascensional: tending to rise.

Domineering: tending to domineer.

Adhesive: tending to adhere.

Suppressive: tending to suppress.

Occlusive: tending to occlude.

Communicative: able or tending to communicate.

Promotive: tending to further or encourage.

Convergent: tending to come together from different directions.

Carcinogenic: causing or tending to cause cancer.

Off-White: of something having a color tending toward white.

Corruptive: tending to corrupt or pervert.

Contrasting: strikingly different; tending to contrast.

Propellant: tending to or capable of propelling.

Evanescent: tending to vanish like vapor.

Aggressive: tending to spread quickly.

Belittling: tending to diminish or disparage.

Accelerative: tending to increase velocity.

Aversive: tending to repel or dissuade.

Rejective: rejecting or tending to reject.

Connective: connecting or tending to connect.

Profanatory: profaning or tending to desecrate.

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