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Continuous meaning in Urdu

Continuous Sentence

A continuous rearrangement of electrons in the solar atoms results in the emission of light.

Continuous Synonym

Continuous Definitions

1 of 2) Continuous, Uninterrupted : مسلسل : (adjective) continuing in time or space without interruption.

A continuous bout of illness lasting six months.
Lived in continuous fear.+ More


2 of 2) Continuous : لگاتار : (adjective) of a function or curve; extending without break or irregularity.

Useful Words

Unbroken : نہ توڑا ہوا , Ceaseless : مسلسل , Nowadays : حال , Continuance : تسلسل , Hum : بھنبھنانا , Flow : بہاو , Endless : جس کے کونے آپس میں ملے ہوں , Land Mass : زمین کا بڑا ٹکڑا , Climb : اوپر چڑھنا , Capillary Vein : وریدک , Cannonade : مسلسل گولہ باری , Ribbon Development : علاقے کی سابقہ منصوبہ بندی کے بغیر کسی شاہراہ کے کنارے بنی ہوی عمارت , Grumble : گونجنا , Taskmaster : کام کا بوجھ ڈالنے والا , Cash Cow : پیسہ بنانے والا کام , Alertness : ہوشیاری , Coil : گولا , Cyclorama : منظر نامہ , Computer Paper : کمپیوٹر کا کاغذ , Barrage : کثیر تعداد , Bourdon : ایک قسم کا پائپ , Fluid : رطوبت , Hop-Step-And-Jump : چھلانگ لگانے کا مقابلہ , Murmur : غیر واضع ہلکی آواز میں بولنے کا عمل , Meditation : غور و فکر , Film : متحرک فلم , Bulb : حرام مغز , Music : موسیقی , Retina : پردہ چشم , Industrial Disease : صنعتی مرض , Cornea : آنکھ کے ڈھیلے کے اوپر کی جھلی

Useful Words Definitions

Unbroken: marked by continuous or uninterrupted extension in space or time or sequence.

Ceaseless: uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing.

Nowadays: the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech.

Continuance: the act of continuing an activity without interruption.

Hum: make a low continuous sound.

Flow: the act of flowing or streaming; continuous progression.

Endless: having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole.

Land Mass: a large continuous extent of land.

Climb: go upward with gradual or continuous progress.

Capillary Vein: a minute vein continuous with a capillary.

Cannonade: intense and continuous artillery fire.

Ribbon Development: building complex in a continuous row along a road.

Grumble: a loud low dull continuous noise.

Taskmaster: someone who imposes hard or continuous work.

Cash Cow: a project that generates a continuous flow of money.

Alertness: the process of paying close and continuous attention.

Coil: a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops.

Cyclorama: a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene.

Computer Paper: paper folded to permit continuous printing controlled by a computer.

Barrage: the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written).

Bourdon: a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone.

Fluid: continuous amorphous matter that tends to flow and to conform to the outline of its container: a liquid or a gas.

Hop-Step-And-Jump: an athletic contest in which a competitor must perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement.

Murmur: a low continuous indistinct sound; often accompanied by movement of the lips without the production of articulate speech.

Meditation: continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature.

Film: a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement.

Bulb: lower or hindmost part of the brain; continuous with spinal cord; (`bulb` is an old term for medulla oblongata).

Music: an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.

Retina: the innermost light-sensitive membrane covering the back wall of the eyeball; it is continuous with the optic nerve.

Industrial Disease: disease or disability resulting from conditions of employment (usually from long exposure to a noxious substance or from continuous repetition of certain acts).

Cornea: the transparent dome-shaped anterior portion of the outer covering of the eye; it covers the iris and pupil and is continuous with the sclera.

Related Words

Math : حساب , Around-The-Clock : ہر وقت , Consecutive : لگاتار

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