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Copilot meaning in Urdu

Copilot Synonym

Copilot Definitions

1) Copilot, Co-Pilot : معاون ہوا باز : (noun) a relief pilot on an airplane.


Useful Words

Capsule : طیارے کی نشست جو بچاوٴ کے لئے استعمال کی جاتی ہے , Pilotless : بے رہبر , Pilotage : طیارچی کا فن , Strafer : مشین گن سے گولیاں برسانے والا جہاز , Kamikaze : دوسری جنگ عظیم کا جاپانی پائلٹ , Drone : بغیر پائلٹ کا ہوائی جہاز , Cockpit : جہاز کی وہ جگہ جھاں پائلٹ بیٹھتا ہو , Flight Control : پروازوں کو کنٹرول کرنا , Black Whale : امریکی پائلٹ ویل مچھلی , Relieve : سکون فراہم کرنا , Needed : ضروری , Boss : ابھرا ہوا , Soothing : سکون بخش , Comfort : تسلی , Alleviate : آرام دینا , Reprieve : وقتی آرام , Exempt : مستثنی کرنا , Cool : سرد , Comfortable : آرام دہ , Alto Relievo : مجسمہ تراشی , Cholecystectomy : جراحی سے پتے کو نکال دینا , Complaint : عبوری سماعت , Libel : توہین آمیز تحریر , Deplane : جہاز وغیرہ سے اترنا , Aviate : طیارہ اڑانا , Air Traveler : ہوائی مسافر , Fly : ہوائی سفر کرنا , Hangar Queen : وہ ہوائی جہاز جس کی نگہداشت کا ریکارڈ اچھا نہ ہو , Air Hostess : ہوائی خدمت گزار عورت , Porthole : ہوائی جہاز یا بحری جہاز کی کھڑکی یا روشندان , Monoplane : ایک پر والا طیارہ

Useful Words Definitions

Capsule: a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency; then the pilot descends by parachute.

Pilotless: lacking a pilot.

Pilotage: the occupation of a pilot.

Strafer: a combat pilot who strafes the enemy.

Kamikaze: a pilot trained and willing to cause a suicidal crash.

Drone: an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control.

Cockpit: compartment where the pilot sits while flying the aircraft.

Flight Control: control from ground stations of airplanes in flight by means of messages transmitted to the pilot electronically.

Black Whale: small dark-colored whale of the Atlantic coast of the United States; the largest male acts as pilot or leader for the school.

Relieve: provide relief for.

Needed: necessary for relief or supply.

Boss: raise in a relief.

Soothing: affording physical relief.

Comfort: the act of consoling; giving relief in affliction.

Alleviate: provide physical relief, as from pain.

Reprieve: a (temporary) relief from harm or discomfort.

Exempt: grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to.

Cool: neither warm nor very cold; giving relief from heat.

Comfortable: providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy` is informal).

Alto Relievo: a sculptural relief in which forms extend out from the background to at least half their depth.

Cholecystectomy: surgical removal of the gall bladder (usually for relief of gallstone pain).

Complaint: (civil law) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based.

Libel: the written statement of a plaintiff explaining the cause of action (the defamation) and any relief he seeks.

Deplane: get off an airplane.

Aviate: operate an airplane.

Air Traveler: someone who travels by airplane.

Fly: travel in an airplane.

Hangar Queen: an airplane with a bad maintenance record.

Air Hostess: a woman steward on an airplane.

Porthole: a window in a ship or airplane.

Monoplane: an airplane with a single wing.

Related Words

Crew : جہاز کا عملہ , Airplane Pilot : پائلٹ

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