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Core meaning in Urdu

Core Sentences

The core of the story.
That table has a titanium core.

Core Synonyms


Core Definitions

1 of 4) Core, Core Group, Nucleus : کلیدی حصہ : (noun) a small group of indispensable persons or things.

I just talk to this girl about friendship and you know I love you from the core of my heart.
Five periodicals make up the core of their publishing program.

2 of 4) Core : مرکزی حصہ : (noun) the center of an object.

3 of 4) Core, Center, Centre, Essence, Gist, Heart, Heart And Soul, Inwardness, Kernel, Marrow, Meat, Nitty-Gritty, Nub, Pith, Substance, Sum : روح, حقیقت : (noun) the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience.

4 of 4) Core, Burden, Effect, Essence, Gist : خلاصہ, لب لباب, کسی بات کا نچوڑ : (noun) the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work.

Useful Words

Dig : کھودنا , Mantle : زمین کی تہ , Corn Cob : بھٹہ , Lastex : لاسٹک , Iran : ایران , Solenoid : بیچواں مقناطیس , Electromagnet : بجلی کا مقناطیس , Fellow Member : رکن , Assemblage : ہجوم , Contingent : ٹکڑی , Assembly : اجتماع , Body : مجلس , Board Of Directors : مجلس منتظمین , Elite : ممتاز اشخاص , Democracy : جمہوریت , Church Doctrine : مسلک , Minority : اقلیت , A-Team : اعلی درجے کے لوگ , Acyl : کیمیائی گروہ , Few : اقلیت , Subgroup : ذیلی گروہ , Administration : انتظام , Vitamin : حیاتین , Group Psychotherapy : سائیکو تھیراپی , Aggroup : گروہ بنانا , Rickettsia : چھوٹے پلیومورفک جسمیے جو طفیلی ہوتے ہیں اور آرتھرو پوڈز کی گٹ کے خلیوں میں قدرتی طور پر رہتے ہیں بعض ممالیہ جانوروں اور آدمی میں امراض پیدا کرتے ہیں , Essential : ضرورت , Clink : جیل , Necessity : ضرورت , Cadre : تنظیم کے کلیدی لوگوں کا گروہ , Quadrumvirate : چار آدمیوں کا ایک گروہ

Useful Words Definitions

Dig: remove the inner part or the core of.

Mantle: the layer of the earth between the crust and the core.

Corn Cob: the hard cylindrical core that bears the kernels of an ear of corn.

Lastex: yarn that has an elastic core wound around with cotton or silk or nylon or rayon threads.

Iran: a theocratic Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil.

Solenoid: a coil of wire around an iron core; becomes a magnet when current passes through the coil.

Electromagnet: a temporary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core; when current flows in the coil the iron becomes a magnet.

Fellow Member: one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization).

Assemblage: a group of persons together in one place.

Contingent: a gathering of persons representative of some larger group.

Assembly: a group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose.

Body: a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity.

Board Of Directors: a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution.

Elite: a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.

Democracy: the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group.

Church Doctrine: the written body of teachings of a religious group that are generally accepted by that group.

Minority: a group of people who differ racially or politically from a larger group of which it is a part.

A-Team: a group of elite soldiers or a leadership group of advisors or workers in an organization.

Acyl: any group or radical of the form RCO- where R is an organic group.

Few: a small elite group.

Subgroup: a distinct and often subordinate group within a group.

Administration: a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group`s business affairs).

Vitamin: any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism.

Group Psychotherapy: psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapist; interactions among the members are considered to be therapeutic.

Aggroup: form a group or group together.

Rickettsia: any of a group of very small rod-shaped bacteria that live in biting arthropods (as ticks and mites) and cause disease in vertebrate hosts; they cause typhus and other febrile diseases in human beings.

Essential: anything indispensable.

Clink: a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence).

Necessity: the condition of being essential or indispensable.

Cadre: a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement.

Quadrumvirate: a group of four men.

Related Words

Import : مطلب , Set : سیٹ

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