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1) Cotter : پانہ Pana : (noun) fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together.

English Synonym(s) : Cottar

Related : Holdfast

Useful Words

Fastener Fastening Fixing Holdfast : جمانے یا روکنے والا Jamany Ya Ruknay Wala : restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place.

Hold Keep Maintain : رکھنا Rakhna : keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g.,. "Maintain an aura of mystery and people will be drawn to you more"

Early Former Other : قدیم دور کے متعلق Qadeem Dor Kay Mutaliq : belonging to the distant past. "The early inhabitants of Europe"

Patch Piece : جوڑنا Jurna : to join or unite the pieces of. "Patch the skirt"

Immobilise Immobilize Pin Trap : بے حرکت کرنا Be Harkat Karna : to hold fast or prevent from moving. "The child was pinned under the fallen tree"

Slot : کھانچا Khancha : a small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail). "He put a quarter in the slot"

Through : شروع سے آخر تک Shuru Se Aakhir Tak : from beginning to end. "Read this book through"

Together : اکٹھے Ek Dusray Kay Sath : in each other`s company. "Can we have dinner together?"

2 Deuce Ii Two : دو Do : the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number. "It takes two to make a quarrel"

Deposit Lodge Stick Wedge : رکھنا Rakhna : put, fix, force, or implant. "Lodge a bullet in the table"

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