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Counteractive meaning in Urdu

Counteractive Definitions

1) Counteractive : دافع : (satellite adjective) opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action.


Useful Words

Litotes : کسی چیز کی اہمیت کم کر کے پیش کرنا , Opposition : مزاحمت , Choke : قابو کرنا , Undo : منسوخ کرنا , Backfire : پیچھے کو ہٹنا , Glucagon : لبلبہ کے آئیلٹس آف لنگرہانز کے الفا خلیوں میں پیدا ہونے والا ہارمون , Adverse Witness : مخالف گواہ , Cross-Purpose : متضاد مقصد , Instead : بلکہ , All The Same : پھر بھی , Change By Reversal : بدل دینا , Contrarily : خلاف توقع , Illegitimate : خلاف قانون , Against : مخالف , Wrong : غلطی , Cantankerous : بد مزاج , Contrarily : مخالفانہ طور پر , Inversely : الٹا , Adverse : مخالف , Loath : ناراض , Preparation : تیاری , Abomination : قابل نفرت عمل , As It Is : جیسا کے , Counteract : توڑ کرنا , Motivation : مقصد , Interjection : ملاوٹ , Counteraction : توڑ , Allow : دینا , Action Replay : فوری جواب , Rebuttal : دعوی , Confuter : دلیل دے کر غلط ثابت کرنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Litotes: understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary).

Opposition: the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with.

Choke: check or slow down the action or effect of.

Undo: cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect.

Backfire: come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect.

Glucagon: a hormone secreted by the pancreas; stimulates increases in blood sugar levels in the blood (thus opposing the action of insulin).

Adverse Witness: a witness whose relationship to the opposing party is such that his or her testimony may be prejudiced against the opposing party.

Cross-Purpose: a contrary aim.

Instead: on the contrary.

All The Same: despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession).

Change By Reversal: change to the contrary.

Contrarily: contrary to expectations.

Illegitimate: contrary to or forbidden by law.

Against: Contrary to; opposed to.

Wrong: that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law.

Cantankerous: having a difficult and contrary disposition.

Contrarily: in a contrary disobedient manner.

Inversely: in an inverse or contrary manner.

Adverse: contrary to your interests or welfare.

Loath: unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom.

Preparation: the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action).

Abomination: an action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence.

As It Is: in the actual state of affairs and often contrary to expectations.

Counteract: oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions.

Motivation: the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.

Interjection: the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts.

Counteraction: action intended to nullify the effects of some previous action.

Allow: make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen.

Action Replay: the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape.

Rebuttal: the speech act of refuting by offering a contrary contention or argument.

Confuter: a debater who refutes or disproves by offering contrary evidence or argument.

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Active : تبدیلی لانے والا

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