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1 of 2) Countercurrent, Crosscurrent, Rip, Riptide, Tide Rip : لہروں کا آپس میں ٹکراو : (noun) a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current.

2 of 2) Countercurrent, Crosscurrent : ٹکراوٴ : (noun) actions counter to the main group activity.

Useful Words

Voltage Drop : کم والٹیج , Commutate : برقی کرنٹ کا سمت بدلنا , Inverter : الٹنے والا , Rapid : تیز رفتار , Millrace : پن دھارا , Maelstrom : بھنور , Shallow : کم گہرا پانی , Juice : بجلی , Winnow : پہونک مارکر اڑانا , Blast : آندھی , A La Mode : جدید دور کے مطابق , Contemporaneity : آج کے دور کے مطابق , Undercurrent : زیریں دھارا , Updraft : اوپر کی جانب ہوا کی حرکت , Blower : پھکنی , Unfashionable : فیشن کے خلاف , Downstream : دریا کا بہاوٴ , Upstream : پانی کے بہاوٴ کے مخالف , Abamp : دس ایمپیئر , Eddy : گردش کرنا , Anabatic : اوپر چڑھتی ہوئی ہوا , Hereinbefore : متن کے شروع میں , Spike : اتار چڑھاو , Fashionable : رائج الوقت , Tideway : مدوجزر کی گزر گاہ , Presence : حاضری , Babble : غرغرانا کی آواز , Barack Hussein Obama : امریکی صدر اوباما , Dc : ایک سمت میں دوڑنے والاکرنٹ , Aflare : پھڑپھڑاتا ہوا , Commutator : برقی کرنٹ کی تبدیلی کا آلہ

Useful Words Definitions

Voltage Drop: a decrease in voltage along a conductor through which current is flowing.

Commutate: reverse the direction of (an alternating electric current) each half cycle so as to produce a unidirectional current.

Inverter: an electrical converter that converts direct current into alternating current.

Rapid: a part of a river where the current is very fast.

Millrace: a channel for the water current that turns a millwheel.

Maelstrom: a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides).

Shallow: a stretch of shallow water.

Juice: electric current.

Winnow: blow away or off with a current of air.

Blast: a strong current of air.

A La Mode: in the current fashion or style.

Contemporaneity: the quality of being current or of the present.

Undercurrent: a current below the surface of a fluid.

Updraft: a strong upward air current.

Blower: a device that produces a current of air.

Unfashionable: not in accord with or not following current fashion.

Downstream: in the direction of a stream's current.

Upstream: in the direction against a stream's current.

Abamp: a unit of current equal to 10 amperes.

Eddy: flow in a circular current, of liquids.

Anabatic: of an air current or wind; rising especially up a slope.

Hereinbefore: in the preceding part of the current text.

Spike: a transient variation in voltage or current.

Fashionable: being or in accordance with current social fashions.

Tideway: a channel in which a tidal current runs.

Presence: the state of being present; current existence.

Babble: flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise.

Barack Hussein Obama: The 44th and current President of the United States.

Dc: an electric current that flows in one direction steadily.

Aflare: streaming or flapping or spreading wide as if in a current of air.

Commutator: switch for reversing the direction of an electric current.

Related Words

Strife : جھگڑا

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