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Court meaning in Urdu

Court Sentences

We were waiting at tourist court.
Azeem is courting Sara.

Court Synonyms

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Court in Detail

1 of 8) Court, Romance, Solicit, Woo : پٹانا : (verb) make amorous advances towards.

Related : Move : perform an action, or work out or perform (an action).


2 of 8) Court, Judicature, Tribunal : عدالت, ٹریبونل, کچہری : (noun) an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business.

Related : Assembly : a group of persons who are gathered together for a common purpose. Court Of Chancery : a court with jurisdiction in equity. Criminal Court : a court having jurisdiction over criminal cases.

3 of 8) Court, Courtroom : کچہری, عدالتی کمرہ : (noun) a room in which a lawcourt sits.

Television cameras were admitted in the courtroom.

Related : Bench : (law) the seat for judges in a courtroom. Courthouse : a building that houses judicial courts. Room : an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling.

4 of 8) Court : کھیلنے کی جگہ : (noun) a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played.

Players had to reserve a court in advance.

Related : Playing Field : a piece of land prepared for playing a game.

5 of 8) Court, Motor Hotel, Motor Inn, Motor Lodge, Tourist Court : وہ ہوٹل جہاں گاڑی کھڑی کرنے کی جگہ بھی ہوتی ہے, سیاحوں کے ٹھہرنے کی جگہ : (noun) a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area.

Related : Hotel : a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services.

6 of 8) Court, Court Of Justice, Court Of Law, Lawcourt : عدالت انصاف : (noun) a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws.

7 of 8) Court, Courtyard : احاطہ : (noun) an area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings.

The house was built around an inner court.

Related : Atrium : the central area in a building; open to the sky. Edifice : a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place. Food Court : an area (as in a shopping mall) where fast food is sold (usually around a common eating area).

8 of 8) Court, Homage : آداب : (noun) respectful deference.

Pay court to the emperor.

Court in Idioms

A Kangaroo Court : Unofficial court.

Useful Words

Advance, Progress, Progression : آگے کی طرف حرکت : a movement forward. "He listened for the progress of the troops".

Assembly, Fabrication : جوڑنے کا عمل : the act of constructing something (as a piece of machinery).

Business, Business Concern, Business Organisation, Business Organization, Concern : تجارت : a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it. "His business grew fast".

Behavior, Behaviour, Conduct, Doings : چال چلن : manner of acting or controlling yourself. "You are recognized by what you wear and by your behavior with folks".

Judge, Jurist, Justice : قاضی : a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice. "Judge is still out of country".

Judicial : عدالتی : decreed by or proceeding from a court of justice. "A judicial decision".

Make : بنانا : act in a certain way so as to acquire. "Make friends".

More, More Than : زیادہ : (comparative of `much` used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree. "For how many time more?".

1, Ace, I, One, Single, Unity : ایک : the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number. "He has the one but will need a two and three to go with it".

Toward : طرف : in the direction of. "If Allah wills, Pakistan will move towards success in the times to come".

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