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کورٹ میرج : Court Merij Meaning in English

Court Merij in Detail

1) کورٹ میرج غیر رسمی شادی محض قانونی شادی : Common-Law Marriage : (noun) a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony.


Useful Words

شادی کرنے کا عمل : Marriage , میاں بیوی : Man And Wife , شادی کرانے والا : Marriage Broker , رشتے کی پیشکش : Marriage Offer , تنسیخ نکاح : Dissolution Of Marriage , ایسی شادی جو کسی قسم کے مالی یا اور فوائد کی خاطر کی گئی ہو : Marriage Of Convenience , عدالتی نکاح : Civil Marriage , نکاح نامہ : Marriage Licence , تقریب : Ceremonial , شادی : Hymeneals , خونی رشتہ داری : Family Relationship , ازدواجی تعلق : Marital Bed , ذاتی تعلق : Personal Relation , کھاتہ : Account , متفقہ : Agreed , ہم آہنگی : Accord , کمپنیوں کے الحاق کا معاہدہ : Acquisition Agreement , کچہری : Court , عدالت انصاف : Court , عدالت : Chancery , خوشامد کرنا : Court Favor , شوپینگ مال سے متصل کھانے کی جگہ : Food Court , حاضری : Appearance , عدالت عالیہ : High Court , ہوم کورٹ : Home Court , عدالت عظمی : Supreme Court , اعلی عدالت : Superior Court , فوجداری عدالت : Criminal Court , توہین عدالت : Contempt Of Court , رات کی عدالت : Night Court , جعلی عدالت : Kangaroo Court

Useful Words Definitions

Marriage: the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony.

Man And Wife: two people who are married to each other.

Marriage Broker: someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others.

Marriage Offer: an offer of marriage.

Dissolution Of Marriage: an annulment of a marriage.

Marriage Of Convenience: a marriage for expediency rather than love.

Civil Marriage: a marriage performed by a government official rather than by a clergyman.

Marriage Licence: a license authorizing two people to marry.

Ceremonial: a formal event performed on a special occasion.

Hymeneals: the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed.

Family Relationship: (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption.

Marital Bed: the relationship between wife and husband.

Personal Relation: a relation between persons.

Account: a formal contractual relationship established to provide for regular banking or brokerage or business services.

Agreed: united by being of the same opinion.

Accord: harmony of people`s opinions or actions or characters.

Acquisition Agreement: contract governing the merger of two or more companies.

Court: a room in which a lawcourt sits.

Court: a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws.

Chancery: a court with jurisdiction in equity.

Court Favor: seek favor by fawning or flattery.

Food Court: an area (as in a shopping mall) where fast food is sold (usually around a common eating area).

Appearance: formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action.

High Court: the highest court in most states of the United States.

Home Court: (basketball) the court where the host team plays its home games.

Supreme Court: the highest federal court in the United States; has final appellate jurisdiction and has jurisdiction over all other courts in the nation.

Superior Court: any court that has jurisdiction above an inferior court.

Criminal Court: a court having jurisdiction over criminal cases.

Contempt Of Court: disrespect for the rules of a court of law.

Night Court: a criminal court (in large cities) that sits at night.

Kangaroo Court: an irregular unauthorized court.

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