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1 of 2) Crime, Criminal Offence, Criminal Offense, Law-Breaking, Offence, Offense : جرم : (noun) (criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act.

What crime have you committed?
A long record of crimes.+ More

2 of 2) Crime : گناہ : (noun) an evil act not necessarily punishable by law.

Crimes of the heart.

Useful Words

Criminology : جرمیات , Condemnation : سزا کا حکم , Abduction : اغواء , Convict : مجرم , Charge : الزام , Imputation : تہمت , Bearing False Witness : جہوٹی قسم کھانا , Habitual Criminal : بار بار چوری کرنے والا , Complicit : جرم میں ساتھ دینے والا , Criminal : گناہ گار , Complicity : جرم میں شرکت داری , Underworld : جرائم پیشہ طبقہ , Criminalism : گناہ گاری , Cid : مجرموں کی کھوج لگانے کا محکمہ , Gaolbird : بار بار قید کاٹنے والا , Gangster : بدمعاش , Accused : ملزم , Goon : غنڈہ , Acquit : بری کرنا , Flagitious : وحشیانہ , Prosecute : کسی کے خلاف قانونی کاروائی کرنا , Old Bailey : لندن کی مرکزی عدالت , Criminal Court : فوجداری عدالت , Acquitted : بری الذمہ , Reprieve : سزائے موت ملتوی کرنا , Parole : کسی قیدی کو پیرول یا ضمانت پر رہا کرنا , Arsonist : آگ لگانے والا مجرم , Suborn : غیر قانونی کام پر آمادہ کرنا , Night Court : رات کی عدالت , Crime Syndicate : ہلکا پھلکا تعلق , Blackmailer : بھتہ خور

Useful Words Definitions

Criminology: the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior and law enforcement.

Condemnation: (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed.

Abduction: the criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force a family member; if a man`s wife is abducted it is a crime against the family relationship and against the wife.

Convict: a person who has been convicted of a criminal offense.

Charge: (criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense.

Imputation: a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense).

Bearing False Witness: criminal offense of making false statements under oath.

Habitual Criminal: someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior).

Complicit: associated in crime or offense; having complicity.

Criminal: guilty of crime or serious offense.

Complicity: guilt as an accomplice in a crime or offense.

Underworld: the criminal class.

Criminalism: the state of being a criminal.

Cid: Criminal Investigation Department.

Gaolbird: a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly.

Gangster: a criminal who is a member of gang.

Accused: a defendant in a criminal proceeding.

Goon: an aggressive and violent young criminal.

Acquit: pronounce not guilty of criminal charges.

Flagitious: extremely wicked, deeply criminal.

Prosecute: bring a criminal action against (in a trial).

Old Bailey: the central criminal court in London.

Criminal Court: a court having jurisdiction over criminal cases.

Acquitted: declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime; legally blameless.

Reprieve: postpone the punishment of a convicted criminal, such as an execution.

Parole: release a criminal from detention and place him on parole.

Arsonist: a criminal who illegally sets fire to property.

Suborn: incite to commit a crime or an evil deed.

Night Court: a criminal court (in large cities) that sits at night.

Crime Syndicate: a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities.

Blackmailer: a criminal who extorts money from someone by threatening to expose embarrassing information about them.

Related Words

Evildoing : حکم عدولی , Capital Offense : انتہائی جرم , Cybercrime : انٹرنیٹ اور کمپیوٹر سے چوری کرنے کا عمل , Felony : سنگین جرم , Fraud : فریب , Highjack : اغواء