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Criminalisation meaning in Urdu

Criminalisation Synonym

Criminalisation Definitions

1) Criminalisation, Criminalization : ناجائز قرار دینے کا عمل : (noun) legislation that makes something illegal.


Useful Words

Legislatively : قانون سازی کے طور پر , Statute Book : کتاب دستور , Pocket Veto : استحقاقی ویٹو , Lobby : پریشر گروپ , Legislate : منظور کرنا , Logroll : قانونی مسودہ کو منظور کرانا , Illegally : غیر قانونی طور پر , Criminalise : ناجائز قرار دینا , Drug Traffic : غیر قانونی دوا یا منشیات کی تجارت , Plot : سازش کرنا , Rake Off : ناجائز طور پر پیسہ کمانا , Bootlegger : شراب بیچنا , Drug Dealer : غیر قانونی طور پر منشیات فروخت کرنے والا , Collusive : ملی بھگت , Game : سازش , Kick Back : رشوت لینا , Drug Bust : غیر قانونی دوائیوں پر پولس کا قبضہ کرنے کا عمل , Frisk : اسلحہ وغیرہ تلاش کرنے کا عمل , Fix : ناجائز طور پر نتیجہ طے کرنا , Multiple Voting : انتخابات میں ایک ووٹر کا ایک سے زیادہ مقامات پر ووٹ ڈالنا , Bigamous : دو شادیاں کرنے سے متعلق , Department Of Justice : محکمہ انصاف , Bribe : رشوت دینا , Racketeer : کسی بد دیانتی یا غیر قانونی کاروائی میں ملوث شخس , Collude : سازش کرنا , Below The Belt : نامناسب , Fault : ٹینس کھیل کا ایک اصول , Confederacy : گٹھ جوڑ , Grievance : شکوہ , Agent Provocateur : اکسانے والا , Break-In : نقب زنی

Useful Words Definitions

Legislatively: by legislation.

Statute Book: a record of the whole body of legislation in a given jurisdiction.

Pocket Veto: indirect veto of legislation by refusing to sign it.

Lobby: a group of people who try actively to influence legislation.

Legislate: make laws, bills, etc. or bring into effect by legislation.

Logroll: work toward the passage of some legislation by exchanging political favors such as trading votes.

Illegally: in an illegal manner.

Criminalise: declare illegal; outlaw.

Drug Traffic: traffic in illegal drugs.

Plot: plan secretly, usually something illegal.

Rake Off: take money from an illegal transaction.

Bootlegger: someone who makes or sells illegal liquor.

Drug Dealer: an unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs.

Collusive: acting together in secret toward a fraudulent or illegal end.

Game: a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal).

Kick Back: pay a kickback; make an illegal payment.

Drug Bust: seizure of illegal drugs by the police.

Frisk: the act of searching someone for concealed weapons or illegal drugs.

Fix: influence an event or its outcome by illegal means.

Multiple Voting: the act of voting in more than one place by the same person at the same election (illegal in U.S.).

Bigamous: of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first.

Department Of Justice: the United States federal department responsible for enforcing federal laws (including the enforcement of all civil rights legislation); created in 1870.

Bribe: make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence.

Racketeer: carry on illegal business activities involving crime.

Collude: act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose.

Below The Belt: disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing).

Fault: (sports) a serve that is illegal (e.g., that lands outside the prescribed area).

Confederacy: a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose.

Grievance: an allegation that something imposes an illegal obligation or denies some legal right or causes injustice.

Agent Provocateur: a secret agent who incites suspected persons to commit illegal acts.

Break-In: trespassing for an unlawful purpose; illegal entrance into premises with criminal intent.

Related Words

Lawmaking : قانون بنانے کا عمل

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