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بند کرنا : Band Karna Meaning in English

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1 of 13) بند کرنا : Cut Cut Off : (verb) cease, stop.

2 of 13) اختتام کر دینا بند کرنا : Close Close Down Close Up Fold Shut Down : (verb) cease to operate or cause to cease operating.

3 of 13) بند کرنا خونی رگوں کی بندش : Occlusion : (noun) closure or blockage (as of a blood vessel).

4 of 13) بند کرنا : Close Shut : (verb) move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut.

5 of 13) بند کرنا : Box In Box Up : (verb) enclose or confine as if in a box.

6 of 13) بند کرنا : Lock Lock Away Lock In Lock Up Put Away Shut Away Shut Up : (verb) place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape.

7 of 13) بند کرنا بند ہونا : Block Choke Up Lug Stuff : (verb) obstruct.

8 of 13) بند کرنا : Cut Switch Off Turn Off Turn Out : (verb) cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch.

9 of 13) بند کرنا : Block Off Close Off Shut Off : (verb) block off the passage through.

10 of 13) بند کرنا : Seal : (verb) close with or as if with a seal.

11 of 13) بند کرنا : Restrict : (verb) place under restrictions; limit access to.

12 of 13) بند کرنا روکنا : Tie Up : (verb) restrain from moving or operating normally.

13 of 13) بند کرنا : Collapse : (verb) fold or close up.

Useful Words

قائل کرنا : Cause : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The induced me for fake collision to obtain money fraudulently from insurance companies".

چھوڑ دینا : Cease : put an end to a state or an activity. "Ever since he found a girl in the veil, he has ceased to drink alcohol".

چلانا : Operate : direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.. "After power failure either UPS or generator operate electricity".

متحرک : In Operation : being in effect or operation. "De facto apartheid is still operational even in the `new` African nations".

رکنا : Halt : come to a halt, stop moving. "Stop it now".

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