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1/2) Qasoor War Therana قصور وار ٹھہرانا Jurm Ka Ilzam Lagana جرم کا الزام لگانا : Accuse Impeach Incriminate Criminate : (verb) bring an accusation against; level a charge against.

Related : Upbraid : express criticism towards.


2/2) Muzamat Karna مذمت کرنا : Censure Reprimand Criminate : (verb) rebuke formally.

Related : Pick Apart : find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.

Useful Words

Accusation Charge : Ilzam الزام : an assertion that someone is guilty of a fault or offence. "The newspaper published accusations that minister was guilty of trespass"

Against : Mukhalif مخالف : Contrary to; opposed to. "This was done against my will"

Bring Convey Take : Lay Jana لے جانا : take something or somebody with oneself somewhere. "Where have you brought it from ?"

Charge Complaint : Ilzam الزام : (criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense. "He was arrested on a charge of larceny"

Formally Officially : Ikhtiyar Kay Sath اختیار کے ساتھ : with official authorization. "The club will be formally recognized"

Flat Level Plane : Barabar برابر : having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another. "A flat desk"

Bawl Out Berate Call Down Call On The Carpet Chew Out Chew Up Chide Dress Down Have Words Jaw Lambast Lambaste Lecture Rag Rebuke Remonstrate Reprimand Reproof Scold Take To Task Trounce : Daantna ڈانٹنا : censure severely or angrily. "Ahmed`s father scolded him saying why are you sitting with Ali, he smokes spliff so he said I have nothing to do with it"

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