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Crotchet meaning in Urdu

Crotchet Synonyms


Crotchet Definitions

1 of 3) Crotchet, Hook : گول مڑا ہوا : (noun) a sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook.

2 of 3) Crotchet, Quarter Note : ترنگ : (noun) a musical note having the time value of a quarter of a whole note.

3 of 3) Crotchet, Oddity, Queerness, Quirk, Quirkiness : عجیب رویہ, طنز, فقرہ بازی : (noun) a strange attitude or habit.

Useful Words

Hooked : کنڈے جیسا , Absolve : آزاد کر دینا , Unhook : آنکڑا کہولنا , Catch : اٹک جانا , Hook : کنڈا لگانا , Hook-Shaped : کنڈے جیسا , Angler : ڈوری کانٹے سے مچھلی پکڑنے والا , Crook : کنڈے والی لاٹھی , Get Off : بچا لینا , Pothook : انکڑا , Troll : ڈوری کانٹے سے مچھلی کا شکار کرنا , Hook Spanner : پانا , Panfish : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Accidental : موسیقی کا سر جو الگ سا ہو , Crescent : ہلال , Point : تیز دھار پن , Zag : ٹیڑھی میڑھی , Jab : تیزی سے ہاتھ کی حرکت جیسے مکے بازی , Auriform : کان نما , Cuplike : پیالی جیسا , Crescent : نیا یا آخری ہفتے کا چاند , Pricker : کانٹا , Common Chord : سہ جہتی , Throat : حلق نما , Preform : تیار کرنا , Half Note : نصف سر , Shake : لرزتی آواز , Eighth Note : آواز موسیقی کی ایک لہر , Disc : طشتری , Headlock : سر بازو میں پھنسا دینا , 15 Minutes : پندرہ منٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Hooked: having or resembling a hook (especially in the ability to grasp and hold).

Absolve: let off the hook.

Unhook: take off a hook.

Catch: to hook or entangle.

Hook: fasten with a hook.

Hook-Shaped: shaped in the form of a hook.

Angler: a fisherman who uses a hook and line.

Crook: a long staff with one end being hook shaped.

Get Off: cause to be acquitted; get off the hook; in a legal case.

Pothook: an S-shaped hook to suspend a pot over a fire.

Troll: angle with a hook and line drawn through the water.

Hook Spanner: a wrench with a hook that fits over a nut or bolt head.

Panfish: any of numerous small food fishes; especially those caught with hook and line and not available on the market.

Accidental: a musical notation that makes a note sharp or flat or natural although that is not part of the key signature.

Crescent: any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.

Point: the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp tip.

Zag: an angular shape characterized by sharp turns in alternating directions.

Jab: a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow).

Auriform: having a shape resembling an ear.

Cuplike: resembling the shape of a cup.

Crescent: resembling the new moon in shape.

Pricker: a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf.

Common Chord: a three-note major or minor chord; a note and its third and fifth tones.

Throat: a passage resembling a throat in shape or function.

Preform: form into a shape resembling the final, desired one.

Half Note: a musical note having the time value of half a whole note.

Shake: a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it.

Eighth Note: a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note.

Disc: something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate.

Headlock: a wrestling hold in which the opponent`s head is locked between the crook of your elbow and the side of your body.

15 Minutes: a quarter of an hour.

Related Words

Strangeness : ناواقفیت , Curve : خمیدہ

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