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Cyclic meaning in Urdu

Cyclic Sentence

Cyclical unemployment.

Cyclic Synonym

Cyclic Definitions

1) Cyclic, Cyclical : باربار ہونے والا : (adjective) recurring in cycles.


Useful Words

Acyclic : جو گول نہ ہو , Lunisolar Calendar : سورج اور چاند کی باہمی گردش پر مبنی نظام تقویم , Perennial : بار بار ہونے والا , Haunting : ذہن میں بار بار آنے والا , Act Up : دوبارہ درد ہونا , Uneven : غیر متوازی , Periodic : وقفے وقفے سے , Cycle : چکر , Sporadic : کبھی کبھار کسی جگہ , Hemicrania : شقیقہ , Business Cycle : تجارتی اتار چڑھاو , Occasional : وقتاً فوقتاً , Paradoxical Sleep : نیند کے دوران خواب بینی , Recurrent Fever : لوٹ آنے والا بخار , Bicycle : سائیکل , Recurring : واپس آ جانا

Useful Words Definitions

Acyclic: not cyclic; especially having parts arranged in spirals rather than whorls.

Lunisolar Calendar: a calendar based on both lunar and solar cycles.

Perennial: recurring again and again.

Haunting: continually recurring to the mind.

Act Up: make itself felt as a recurring pain.

Uneven: variable and recurring at irregular intervals.

Periodic: happening or recurring at regular intervals.

Cycle: an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs.

Sporadic: recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances.

Hemicrania: a severe recurring vascular headache; occurs more frequently in women than men.

Business Cycle: recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline.

Occasional: recurring or reappearing from time to time.

Paradoxical Sleep: a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs; a state of rapidly shifting eye movements during sleep.

Recurrent Fever: marked by recurring high fever and transmitted by the bite of infected lice or ticks; characterized by episodes of high fever and chills and headache and muscle pain and nausea that recur every week or ten days for several months.

Bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals.

Recurring: coming back.

Related Words

Alternate : باری باری , Alternate : ایک کے بعد دوسرا , Circular : گول

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