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ڈاٹ : Daat Meaning in English

Daat Sentence

Daat Synonyms


Daat in Detail

1 of 3) ڈاٹ بوتل کا منہ بند کرنے کی شئے : Bung Spile : (noun) a plug used to close a hole in a barrel or flask.

2 of 3) ڈاٹ منہ بند : Plug Stopper Stopple : (noun) blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly.

3 of 3) ڈاٹ ڈھکن : Spigot Tap : (noun) a plug for a bunghole in a cask.

Useful Words

بندوق کی نال : Barrel : a tube through which a bullet travels when a gun is fired.

رکاوٹ : Block : an obstruction in a pipe or tube. "We had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe".

قریب : Close : near in time or place or relationship. "Near here".

کسی مقصد کے لئے بنایا گیا : Designed : done or made or performed with purpose and intent. "Styleis more than the deliberate and designed creation".

بھرنا : Fill : make full, also in a metaphorical sense. "Fill a container".

صراحی : Flask : bottle that has a narrow neck.

سوراخ : Hole : an opening into or through something. "There are several bullet holes".

اعتراض کرنا : Object : express or raise an objection or protest or criticism or express dissent. "She never objected to the amount of work her boss charged her with".

ٹھونس کر بند کرنا : Plug : fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug. "Plug the hole".

کسا ہوا : Tightly : in a tight or constricted manner. "A tightly packed pub".

متاثرہ شخص : Exploited : of persons; taken advantage of. "After going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used".

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