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1 of 6) Plug, Stopper, Stopple : ڈاٹ, منہ بند : (noun) blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly.

2 of 6) Plug, Secure, Stop Up : ٹھونس کر بند کرنا : (verb) fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug.

Plug the hole.

3 of 6) Plug, Chaw, Chew, Cud, Quid, Wad : نسوار : (noun) a wad of something chewable as tobacco.

4 of 6) Plug, Ballyhoo, Hoopla, Hype : کھلم کھلا تشہیر : (noun) blatant or sensational promotion.

5 of 6) Plug : ڈاٹ لگانا : (verb) insert as a plug.

She plugged a cork in the wine bottle.

6 of 6) Plug, Hack, Jade, Nag : ضعیف گھوڑا : (noun) an old or over-worked horse.

Useful Words

Jack : ایک قسم لا آلہ , Bung : ڈاٹ , Spigot : ڈاٹ , Blackhead : مسا , Disconnect : جدا کرنا , Stow : محفوظ کرنا , Stuff : بھرنا , Magneto : مقناطیسی مشین , Bunghole : بوتل کا منھ , Puncture : سوراخ کرنا , Grip : قبضہ , Racket : ٹینس اور بیڈمنٹن میں استعمال ہونے والا ریکٹ , Latchstring : دروازے کے سوراخ باہر نکلی ہوئی رسی جوباہر دروازہ کہولنے کے لئے کام آتی ہے , Cringle : پھندا , Elate : جوش بڑھانا , Body : لاش , Hit-And-Run : مارو اور بھاگو , Spike : نوکیلا آلہ , Pendulum : لٹکن , Bung : ڈاٹ لگانا , Compound Pendulum : مرکب لٹکن , Screw : پیچ دار کیل , Tube : نالی , Carafe : صراحی , Brooder : حرارت پیدا کرنے والا بکس جس کے ذریعہ انڈے سینے میں مدد ملتی ہے , Anti-Personnel Bomb : ایک قسم کا بم , Nasal Congestion : ناک کی بندش , Occlusion : بند کرنا , Container : ڈبہ , Parallax : اختلاف منظر , Obstruent : حائل

Useful Words Definitions

Jack: an electrical device consisting of a connector socket designed for the insertion of a plug.

Bung: a plug used to close a hole in a barrel or flask.

Spigot: a plug for a bunghole in a cask.

Blackhead: a black-tipped plug clogging a pore of the skin.

Disconnect: pull the plug of (electrical appliances) and render inoperable.

Stow: fill by packing tightly.

Stuff: fill tightly with a material.

Magneto: a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine.

Bunghole: a hole in a barrel or cask; used to fill or empty it.

Puncture: pierce with a pointed object; make a hole into.

Grip: the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it.

Racket: a sports implement (usually consisting of a handle and an oval frame with a tightly interlaced network of strings) used to strike a ball (or shuttlecock) in various games.

Latchstring: opener consisting of a string that can be passed through a hole in a door for raising the latch from outside.

Cringle: fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines.

Elate: fill with high spirits; fill with optimism.

Body: a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person.

Hit-And-Run: designed for or consisting of a brief attack followed by a quick escape.

Spike: any holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object.

Pendulum: an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity.

Bung: close with a cork or stopper.

Compound Pendulum: pendulum consisting of an actual object allowed to rotate freely around a horizontal axis.

Screw: a simple machine of the inclined-plane type consisting of a spirally threaded cylindrical rod that engages with a similarly threaded hole.

Tube: conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases.

Carafe: a bottle with a stopper; for serving wine or water.

Brooder: apparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat; used for chicks or premature infants.

Anti-Personnel Bomb: a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments; most effective against troops and vehicles.

Nasal Congestion: nasal blockage usually due to allergy, cold or flu etc.

Occlusion: closure or blockage (as of a blood vessel).

Container: any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another).

Parallax: the apparent displacement of an object as seen from two different points that are not on a line with the object.

Obstruent: a consonant that is produced with a partial or complete blockage of the airflow from the lungs through the nose or mouth.

Related Words

Equus Caballus : گھوڑا , Block : رکاوٹ , Packaging : تشہیر , Bit : لقمہ , Enclose : داخل کرنا , Enter : نصب کرنا

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