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Dagh Dar Kar Dena : داغ دار کر دینا

1. Blur, Smear, Smudge, Smutch : داغ دار کر دینا : (verb) make a smudge on; soil by smudging.

Dhabba, Aaluda Karna, Dhabba, Dagh, Dagh Dar Karna : Smudge : a blemish made by dirt. "He had a smudge on his cheek"

Dhwanci Aag : Smudge : a smoky fire to drive away insects.

Matti, Khushki, Zameen : Soil : material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use). "The land had never been plowed"

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