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Dart meaning in Urdu

Dart Sentences

He had to dart at airport.
His forefinger darted in all directions as he spoke.

Dart Synonyms


Dart Definitions

1 of 4) Dart, Fleet, Flit, Flutter : پھرتی سے حرکت کرنا : (verb) move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart.

2 of 4) Dart, Dash, Flash, Scoot, Scud, Shoot : تیزی سے دوڑنا : (verb) run or move very quickly or hastily.

3 of 4) Dart, Flit : تیزی سے حرکت میں آنا : (noun) a sudden quick movement.

4 of 4) Dart : تیز رفتار سے آنا : (verb) move with sudden speed.

Useful Words

Flicker : ٹمٹمانا , Blaze : تیزی سے حرکت کرنا , Aegospotami : ترکی کا دریا , Admiral : بحریہ کا ایک اعلی عہدہ دار , Flick : پھڑپھڑانا , Skimmer : ایک قسم کا بڑا چھنی نما چمچہ , Cottage Cheese : دیسی پنیر , Australian Crawl : تیراکی , Armada : جہازوں کا بڑا دستہ , Zebra : زیبرا , Meander : موڑنا , Actium : قدیم بحری جنگ , Spar : مکہ بازی کرنا , Agrippa : رومی جرنل , Bandy : تبادل خیال کرنا , Hop : ہلکے سے اچھلنا , Trifler : اہمیت نہ دینے والا , Tinct : پر لطف , Drizzle : ہلکی بارش ہونا , Browse : چکھنا , Nosh : ہلکی پھلکی غذا کھانا , Peck : بوسہ لینا , Tap : تھپتھپانا , Rinse : پانی ترانا , Singe : سلگانا , Agile : چست , Besprinkle : چھڑکنا , Bustle : حرکت کرنا , Brushed : چھوکر جانا , Tosser : اچھالنے والا , Impertinent : غیر متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Flicker: move back and forth very rapidly.

Blaze: move rapidly and as if blazing.

Aegospotami: a river in ancient Thrace (now Turkey); in the mouth of this river the Spartan fleet under Lysander destroyed the Athenian fleet in the final battle of the Peloponnesian War (404 BC).

Admiral: the supreme commander of a fleet; ranks above a vice admiral and below a fleet admiral.

Flick: twitch or flutter.

Skimmer: a cooking utensil used to skim fat from the surface of liquids.

Cottage Cheese: mild white cheese made from curds of soured skim milk.

Australian Crawl: a swimming stroke; arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick.

Armada: a large fleet.

Zebra: any of several fleet black-and-white striped African equines.

Meander: to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course.

Actium: the naval battle in which Antony and Cleopatra were defeated by Octavian`s fleet under Agrippa in 31 BC.

Spar: box lightly.

Agrippa: Roman general who commanded the fleet that defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium (63-12 BC).

Bandy: discuss lightly.

Hop: jump lightly.

Trifler: one who behaves lightly or not seriously.

Tinct: color lightly.

Drizzle: rain lightly.

Browse: eat lightly, try different dishes.

Nosh: eat a snack; eat lightly.

Peck: kiss lightly.

Tap: strike lightly.

Rinse: washing lightly without soap.

Singe: burn superficially or lightly.

Agile: moving quickly and lightly.

Besprinkle: scatter with liquid; wet lightly.

Bustle: move or cause to move energetically or busily.

Brushed: touched lightly in passing; grazed against.

Tosser: someone who throws lightly (as with the palm upward).

Impertinent: characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality.

Related Words

Motility : حرکت , Buck : تیزی سے حرکت کرنا , Hurry : تیزی سے حرکت کرنا , Belt Along : تیزی سے چلنا

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