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Aim meaning in Urdu

Aim Sentences

She wanted to aim a pun.
It was created with the conscious aim of answering immediate needs.

Aim Synonyms


Aim Definitions

1 of 11) Aim, Design, Intent, Intention, Purpose : توقع, منشا : (noun) an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.

2 of 11) Aim, Direct, Take, Take Aim, Train : تاننا, سیدھ باندھنا : (verb) point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards.

Please don`t aim at your little brother!

3 of 11) Aim, Object, Objective, Target : مقصد, نشانہ, ہدف : (noun) the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable).

4 of 11) Aim, Propose, Purport, Purpose : ارادہ کرنا : (verb) propose or intend.

I aim to arrive at noon.

5 of 11) Aim : نشانہ : (noun) the action of directing something at an object.

He took aim and fired.

6 of 11) Aim, Drive, Get : کسی طرف جانا : (verb) move into a desired direction of discourse.

7 of 11) Aim, Bearing, Heading : سمت : (noun) the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies.

8 of 11) Aim, Calculate, Direct : کسی کے لئے تیار کرنا : (verb) specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public.

9 of 11) Aim, Direct, Place, Point, Target : طرف کرنا : (verb) intend (something) to move towards a certain goal.

He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face.

10 of 11) Aim : جملہ کسنا : (verb) direct (a remark) toward an intended goal.

11 of 11) Aim, Aspire, Draw A Bead On, Shoot For : خواہش کرنا, چاہنا : (verb) have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal.

Useful Words

Approach : حکمت عملی , Redesign : نئے سرے سے خاکہ تیار کرنا , Leader : قائد , Homing Device : میزائیل کی رہنمائی کا آلہ , Out Of The Blue : غیر متوقع , Unexpected : غیر متوقع , Dupery : فریب , Horizon : دائرے , Lookout : نگران شخص , Panic : اچانک خوف , Homesickness : گھر سے دوری کا غم , Reformation : مذہب وغیرہ کا سدھار , End : منزل مقصود , Brown-Nose : مکھن لگانا , Inadvertently : بھولے سے , Listen : کان لگاکر سننا , Idea : سوچ , Gesture : علامت , Advisedly : جان بوجھ کر , Accidentally : بلا ارادہ , Carjack : گاڑی چوری ہونا , Aforethought : طے کردہ , Project : منصوبہ , Arranged : ترتیب شدہ , Chase : پیچھے لگنا , Unintentional : بے مقصد , Unintentional : غیر ارادی , Ad-Lib : بے ساختہ , Break Off : کم کرنا , On : مجوزہ , Threat : دھمکی

Useful Words Definitions

Approach: ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation.

Redesign: design anew, make a new design for.

Leader: a person who rules or guides or inspires others.

Homing Device: the mechanism in a guided missile that guides it toward its objective.

Out Of The Blue: not anticipated.

Unexpected: not expected or anticipated.

Dupery: something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage.

Horizon: the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated.

Lookout: a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event.

Panic: sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events.

Homesickness: the distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home.

Reformation: improvement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition of institutions or practices etc.; intended to make a striking change for the better in social or political or religious affairs.

End: the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it.

Brown-Nose: flatter with the intention of getting something.

Inadvertently: without knowledge or intention.

Listen: hear with intention.

Idea: your intention; what you intend to do.

Gesture: something done as an indication of intention.

Advisedly: with intention; in an intentional manner.

Accidentally: without intention; in an unintentional manner.

Carjack: take someone's car from him by force, usually with the intention of stealing it.

Aforethought: planned in advance.

Project: a planned undertaking.

Arranged: planned in advance.

Chase: go after with the intent to catch.

Unintentional: not done with purpose or intent.

Unintentional: without deliberate intent.

Ad-Lib: said or done without having been planned or written in advance.

Break Off: interrupt before its natural or planned end.

On: (of events) planned or scheduled.

Threat: declaration of an intention or a determination to inflict harm on another.

Related Words

Cross-Purpose : متضاد مقصد , Sake : خاطر , Will : ہمت , Point : موضوع , Direction : رخ , Tack : رستہ , Intend : چاہنا , Intend : مراد ہونا , Address : سوال کرنا , Charge : تاننا , Home In : نشانے پر لینا

Aim in Book Titles

The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory.
Desiderius Erasmus Concerning the Aim and Method of Education.
Kingsworth; or, The aim of a life.
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