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Dasta : دستہ

2. Handlebar : دستہ - ہینڈل : (noun) the shaped bar used to steer a bicycle.

3. Gunstock, Stock : دستہ : (noun) the handle of a handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun or part of the support of a machine gun or artillery gun.

4. Scout Group, Scout Troop, Troop : دستہ - گروپ : (noun) a unit of Girl or Boy Scouts.

Aala : Tool : the means whereby some act is accomplished. "My greed was the instrument of my destruction"

Pakarny Ki Jaga, Qabza, Hatta : Handle : the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it. "He grabbed the hammer by the handle"

Auzar : Tool : an implement used in the practice of a vocation.

Hathiyaar : Weapon : any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting. "He was licensed to carry a weapon"

Chela : Tool : a person who is controlled by others and is used to perform unpleasant or dishonest tasks for someone else.

Haath Se Pakarna : Handle : touch, lift, or hold with the hands. "Don't handle the merchandise"

Achi Tarha Esta... : Handle : handle effectively. "The burglar wielded an axe"

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